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my cat is vomit - is this normal?

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I am a newer cat owner and my cat is about 2 but he has been vomitting a lot - is that normal? when he does vomit it is one of two things either red like his food or the like the wet food he eats. Is this normal?

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Seamus had bouts with vomiting this summer and it turned out the first time he was sick and the second time it was the food. How often is he vomiting, and is he vomiting a lot? When he was sick he vomited everything he was eating for a day and I took him to the vet... he had tapeworms and giardia... was put on anti vomit medicine and medicine for the illness.

The second bout, it was about once a week, I had switched the food to a higher quality food after his illness (from Friskies to Nutro), and he would vomit the food he had just eaten, so I switched to a different formula of the Nutro and he stopped.

How often is he vomiting? What food are you feeding? Have you changed brands lately?
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It is normal for a cat to vomit every so often. But a cat that vomits "a lot", and at least sometimes vomits what sounds like blood (your post wasn't very clear), needs to be evaluated by a vet ASAP.
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i know my cat vomits after he eats his food too fast. but if yours is doing it often, i would have them checked out by the vet.
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What are you feeding?? Is the dish elevated ???
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It could be numerous things causing this, could be something very simple but it could be an intestinal blockage,take him to the vet. He shouldnt be vomiting often. Also some advise stay away from those chain animal hospitals. 2 weeks ago I took my cat to one for vomiting because his normal vet was outthe next day and $400 later he was no better and still ended up taking him to his normal vet for the proper treatment. So anyone readig this do not use these chain vets if you value your pet.
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I want to join in here and say my bit as well as asking for advice. Cats do vomit more often than looks normal to us that I know, however I'm at my wit's end with my cat. He is 17 years old and we have taken him to quite a few vets and no one has been able to tell us what the problem is. He goes for days without vomiting but then suddenly for a few says he vomits 3-4 times on one day. It is not hairball because it might be a little food or only fluid. He eats again immediately afterwards and he is in top condition, lively and shiny, too beautiful for words (of course I'm his mom!). His stool is also normal. Our next step would be a colonoscopy, but I would prefer not putting him through that at his age. Unfortunately his is a very fussy eater and refuses to eat anything but chicken breast, a little Wiskas pouches and some boiled haddock. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? It has been getting progressively worse as he get older. The vet says he's got a lot of gas and to feed him small amount more often, but he already eats about 6-7 times a day! Please, some advice will be very much appreciated.

What you would have found out, I know by now that some vomiting is quite normal, but where do you draw the line?
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