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my cat is making me mad

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I mentioned on another board that my 10 month old male peaches is a pig when it comes to food, he eats whatever he can find, I can't sit at my computer and have a snack without having to shut him up in another room first so he does'nt sneak a bite, he also is constantly dumping over the garbage can in the kitchen looking for food, when I cleaned out the litterbox the other day I could see when I looked at his poop that he has been eating that paper that they put under slabs of steak you buy at the store to absorb the blood, it smells like steak so he eats it and in the last few weeks there has been 3 times that I have had to wash my quilt cause he has either pooped or peed on it, I clean the litterbox out at least 2 times a day, he does use it most of the time, what is up with him?
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Has he been tested for worms?

I hope someone else comes along with help. We have a "pig" cat that we ended up having to feed more (several cans of wet and some dry a day) then slowly back him down to a normal portion of food.
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What cat food does he eat, specifically - wet and dry?
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I feed him dry food, and the occassional can of tuna
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In addition to Chrissy and Kluchetta's question... is the kitten free fed or rationed? I am thinking a growing 10 month old is just not getting enough to eat at the moment. He may be going through a growth spurt that he needs the extra food.

Also due to his activity level he may burn more therefor his body needs more calories.

As to the going on the bed, my Conan would do that when he was a youngster, not free fed and he wanted me up to feed him. He would literally pee on me to get me to get out of bed. Of course it worked which only encouraged him to do it

I am not a fan of free feeding because my kitties tend to get too fat, but it might be a way to get your boy to behave more appropriately. Just keep an eye on his weight.

Ok, I know I tend to ramble, sorry. Sometimes if they animals are not digesting properly they will get digestive problems. So a vet check for the worms and just to make sure there are no health problems might be the best starting point. I know we don't need a vet for everything, but sometimes it is good to get an "all clear" before making major changes.
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Sorry - which brand, free-fed or a certain amount a day?
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Most of the time I get meow mix but sometimes my parents buy food for their cats and pick me up a bag of that brand, he likes both, I have a small plastic mixing bowl, that holds about 5 or 6 cups (I never really measured) that I put the food in for him and the others to free feed, he is the only one having a problem, my other male who is 8 months and my 2 female sisters who will be 22 months on monday are just fine.
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Is everyone neutered and spayed? When was the last time he had a thorough check up? Also have him checked for UTI if he's peeing in other places.

Poor quality foods will results in eating more (as they don't absorb the important stuff very well) - so try to switch him to a much higher quality food then Meow Mix (I would never feed a cat that stuff!). Tuna is not a good canned food - they need variety like beef, chicken, lamb, turkey - rather then tuna.

My cats only get fish food once a week or once every 2 weeks - and its mixed with something else too.
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I agree - your kitty should be free-feeding on dry food. Keep an eye on him to watch his weight, but most kitties self-regulate. I'd also consider a much higher quality food. Meow Mix is kind of like keeping him on a diet of macaroni and cheese with the lowest quality ingredients you can find. Cats will eat less of a higher quality food, so you can't directly compare the costs.

Also, as to the quilt - you must wash it with an enzyme cleaner, or it will continue to smell like poop and pee to him, and it will encourage him to continue using it as a litter box. If the pee has soaked through, you must douse your mattress with the enzyme cleaner. If done right, it will take several days to dry. Cover the area with a thick towel and then make your bed, and let the enzyme cleaner dry naturally (don't use a hair dryer or something on it to try to speed up the drying). Nature's Miracle is a type of enzyme cleaner that is available in most supermarkets or pet stores.

A visit to the vet seems in order. I'd get him checked for worms, have them take a urine sample (if possible), and get blood work done. Going outside the box is a sign of a medical problem about 85% of the time.

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Originally Posted by KariCassie View Post
he also is constantly dumping over the garbage can in the kitchen looking for food, when I cleaned out the litterbox the other day I could see when I looked at his poop that he has been eating that paper that they put under slabs of steak you buy at the store to absorb the blood
Everyone else has covered the food issue... but this concerns me. Why are you letting him get into the garbage and eat items that potentially kill him? Were he to eat something he couldn't pass it would be a medical emergency...
Put the trash where none of the cats can get to it, in a garage, under a cabinet, in a pantry/closet, or get a trash can with a locking lid. You cannot allow him to keep getting into it.

As for him trying to steal your food, make sure he knows it's yours. Hiss, push him away, lean over it or position your body is a possessive way -like a cat would act. Cats usually understand this message clearly. Be consistent, don't give him any of what you're eating and expect him to leave you alone the next time you're eating.
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