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Cat / Human Games

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Quill and I are playing tag/stalk right now. While I'm sitting here he'll run around the house like a herd of elephants and I'll just "ignore" him until he crashes into a random plastic bag somewhere. Then I have to find him, and he will run under the table, where he likes to hide, because as long as he doesn't see me he's safe. Then he'll try to swat my legs until I see him and he'll give me a big goofy grin and runs away. Then it's stalking time! There's two doorways, he'll be peeking behind one and I'll just be standing inside the other, poking my head out. Meanwhile he gets closer everytime I do that until he's right under me, waiting for me to move .... He feints, leaps in midair, then dashes around the house for a few more laps .... Until he's hungry, then he eats a little and comes in here to lay down until it's bed time, which he dictates at around 11:30.

We do this every night

What do your cats play?
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That's a game that my crew and I play on a daily basis! Sometimes they play it by themselves!
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tag/stalk i used to play that with my RB kitty. she would sneak attack me and run away , then sit down and look and just wait for me to chase her,,, with lots of hiding and peaking around lol

i think Eazy is starting to get the hang of it now lol mostley right now every night we play the hunt the bed mice game lol..
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