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Well, so much for our plans...

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Well, so much for our Christmas plans to go see my husband's mom and siblings for Christmas. The Commander suddenly decided an hour before he was about to get off of his last day of work before the leave/vacation, that he didn't want him to go. We've both been stressed out with the finances and such getting us screwed up those months ago and some of his colleagues thought that he might be at risk to go AWOL. Are you serious?! He's devoted to the military as much as I am! He had his leave form filled out and presented to the commander since October and then they decide an hour before it takes effect that he might not come back?! ARGH! I hate this duty station! We never had problems until we got here. The people here are so rude and completely disregard anyone below them! I can't believe that we have to be here another 2 years...

So, our plans are shot. I felt terrible when my husband came home crying and furious at his unit. It's not right when a soldier can't trust and starts to hate the people that they serve under.
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I'm sorry your plans were changed and at the last minute.

Our plans are up in the air too. Our family is in Oklahoma and many of them don't have power yet. Food is spoiled in the refrigerator and freezer - the grocery stores had to toss their spoiled perishables and nothing new coming in. No place to eat out - they don't have power either. It may be another 10 days until they have power - and there is a new snow storm due tomorrow. I don't know my daughter is coming home from college.
My nephew is supposed to go to St Louis for major surgery on Monday. they have to drive as he won't be allowed to sit long enough to fly back home. If surgery is delayed, he won't be back in time for Christmas.
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So sorry to hear that he has to work
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
So sorry to hear that he has to work
Thanks. It's not that he has to work, it's the fact that he had his hopes up for so long and to get them crushed the day before was heartbreaking. He would've been fine if they told him a month ago or even 2 weeks ago that he had to stay but the way it went was just too hard on him. He's out with a buddy of his right now for a few hours to Dave & Busters. Hopefully that'll relax him and cheer him up a tad. I feel helpless though.
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i am sorry. Sounds like his commander and my boss need to get together and go bowling sometimes,

Gee and some people wonder why i got kicked out of the army.
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I don't know much about the military, (just enough to know that I would never fit in). But I'd say that his commander really needs to realize that loyalty is a two-way street.

Sorry your plans had to change at the last minute.
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I'm so sorry that you are being treated so poorly. I hope it works out that you have a good Christmas.
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