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No motivation

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Do you exercise? What to you do for motivation? I really need to start exercising because I'm packing on the pounds but I can't seem to get started. I can't afford a gym membership so I have a choice of walking or using my punching bag. The thought of working out makes me cringe.
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I know how you feel! I decided last year that I needed to lose some weight and I was determined. But I just couldn't get motivated. I bought a kickboxing video tape and did that for awhile, and lost some weight with that. But I got bored with that. So I bought a pair of jeans in the size I wanted to fit in, and told myself that I was going to fit into those jeans! And it worked, I stayed motivated and I lost a little over 50 pounds!
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Um well my motivation starts when we move house. This new area has a huge lake/recreational area, walking tracks and is hilly. I already bought new runners which i needed anyway, and a couple of pairs of shorts and 3/4 length gym pants (i either wear skirts or jeans lol) so the day we start shifting furniture and unpacking boxes, i expect the whole exercise thing to kick in. up chocolate is going to be way too hard
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I am not motivated at all either. I need to join a gym in the new year. They are fairly cheap here, about $50 a month.
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Personally for me, packing on pounds is enough motivation for me to do something.

So you can kick something??

That sounds like enough motivation for me right there. Then again I probably have internal anger issues that I should take care of...however I always found that kickboxing (and HITTING SOMETHING) took care of that.

I loved doing it since I felt totally relaxed afterwards, my anger had been released. Plus I felt totally strong and tough and very independent (which i love to feel).

I also like to explore, so walking is one way for me to explore. You don't have to power walk or anything, but just happening upon something neat to watch (perhaps baby ducks...well wrong time of year) is so exciting.
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Change things in your lifestyle slowly because if you go for a drastic change all of a sudden, you're more likely to drop it. Take the stairs, walk to close places instead of driving, do a small routine before you go to bed... things like that. I portioned my meals and walked a lot after my surrogacy to lose all the weight. It worked pretty well since we walked everywhere in D.C. while sightseeing. (Kind of the only way to get around there too.)
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for me it was a case of being bored. i was stuck in country where i had no friends yet, and going to the bars is not my thing, i noticed later that i had gotten used to it, and would miss not being able to work out.

really what you need to do, is the same as i had to do, Change your eating habits, its a pain in the butt, takes about 2 to 4 weeks.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Do you exercise? What to you do for motivation? I really need to start exercising because I'm packing on the pounds but I can't seem to get started. I can't afford a gym membership so I have a choice of walking or using my punching bag. The thought of working out makes me cringe.
I hate exercise because I can't stand sweating. I think it's so gross to sweat!

However, in September I was finally able to get into physio therapy in order to get some cardio and strenthening in because I had been on a completely no exercise order for more than 2 years while they investigated my heart. And during that time I put on more 75 pounds Life is so hard right now because I have no stamina and get so short of breath.

I actually found myself looking forward to going to physio. I was doing 20 minutes on the treadmill and stretches and band work, in a program specifically designed for me. I found myself feeling so good about myself that I was going and able to do what I was supposed to and I found that I had lost 18 pounds without even having changed my eating habits. Of course I was following a combined Slim Fast and Jenny Craig eating plan. One or two Slim Fast shakes per day (to get my chocolate fix) and a sensible dinner which I made from recipes by Jenny Craig.

My insurance company refused to fund it anymore and I couldn't go back. I was so sad that I actually cried!

Now I have been approved to enter into a cardiac rehab program starting in January. I believe the program runs 4 months. My Blue Cross pays 80% of it and I'm responsible for the other 20%. Only there is no way I can afford to do that seeing that I just declared bankruptcy, so I qualify for a subsidy of some kind through our government. I gratefully accepted.

Once I complete that program I want to sign up for our "Refit Centre". They offer scholarships to those who are low income so that they can better afford to join. Sometimes it's completely free if the income is low enough like for those on welfare.

You should call around and see if any of the gyms or refit centres in your area offers susidies or scholarships to help pay for a membership.

You can also find cheap VHS or DVDs at second hand stores. Try looking for something by "Richard Simmons". I have a number of his videos and his stuff is paced for even the fattest of us who have no stamina for much of anything.

You can also try looking for second hand "Stott Pilates" videos. Look for beginner ones to start. Perhaps the chair exercise one and the beginner standing one.

Weights can be soup cans or bottles of water. Have several that have different levels of water in them to mimic various weights. You can also use soup cans.
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I have several stretches I should be doing. There's not really any motivation for me cause some of them do cause me pain, however not doing them will cause more problems in the long run.

When I was in PT they stuck me on a treadmill too, I hate it. I end up feeling dizzy and nauseous -sea sick feeling. Also the physical therapist wanted me to get my heart rate up to 144, my max is 139.
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I injured my back this past July, holding abdominal wall retractors for 10 hours (two different patients, both nearly 400 pounds each.) My back went into intractable spasms across my shoulder blades, combined with a chronic lower back pain that I've had for a couple of years. The back spasms went on for over a week, so I had an MRI, which showed a herniated disc at C4-5 and spondylolisthesis at L4-5, L5-S1. The herniated disc isn't surgical (yet) and I'm really not interested in a spinal fusion for the spondylolisthesis. I started physical therapy, 3 times a week for 10 weeks. I had really good results from the PT, but they told me when I finished, if I didn't keep up with the exercises, I'd be back within 6 months. With that in mind, I joined the fitness center at work. I exercise every day (4 times a week) after work. My motivation comes from wishing to remain relatively pain free! So far, it seems to be working. Although, this past Monday I was holding abdominal wall retractors for several hours and put my shoulders into spasm again. Fortunately, I now have a T.E.N.S/NMES unit that helps with the acute spasms. I have never in my life been an exercise loving individual. I still don't enjoy it, but I do it.
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Boy, can I relate to this! I am midway through an 80 pound weight loss program - actually, I have lost 45 pounds since 4/1/7. How do I stay motivated? I can now put on clothes that I haven't been able to wear in at least 2 years! I also have my "favorite" jeans that I haven't worn in 4 years hanging in the closet where I see them every day. I am determined to wear them again. I joined WW and have made a commitment to go to weekly meetings. And that is a financial investment that I can't afford to waste. They really do help me stay on track and provide moral support.About two months aao, my wight loss was really slowing down, so after watching Tony Little on HSN for 2 years, I bought a Gazelle XL GLider - and I love it! I usually do 2 miles every day. I am a couch potato, hate to exercise and hate to sweat. But I glide away, watching TV and in less than 20 minutes I have gone 2 miles. 3 miles takes about 26 minutes and I try to do that at least 3 days a week. The glider has picked up my weekly wight loss again!
I am determined to lose this weight - when I can fit into my favorite jeans I will then "go blond"!
I also have disc problems - and high blood pressure - both related to my weight gain. At this point, 45 pounds lighter, my sciatica doesn't hurt, and my Dr. is thrilled. I am almost at the point where he will be chaning my meds for BP.
At also helps to enlist the support of friends and family. Everyone here at work is aware of my weight loss goals - and I am 59, the oldest person here. Everyone else is under 30! My co-workers cheer me on, go for walks with me and buy WW snacks that we all share!
There is a very good weight loss thread here in the Lounge and although I don't post as often as I should, the members are all very supportive here! And, anyone can always PM me for support!
Good luck to everyone! Keep the faith! And believe that you can do it!
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I never really liked to exercise but I always loved to dance and be in the water. I joined a health club and they have great aqua aerobics classes and have expanded their dance classes. Exercise is easy if you find a passion for you.
I pulled a groin muscle almost 3 months ago and it has been hard for me to exercise and I miss it and my friends!
Find something to do that you love and the exercise will come. Did I just say that?
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For me its all about fun. I try to do things that are different to lose weight! Have you ever thought about Belly Dance? Dont worry not everyone in the class looks like the ones you see on TV! And you can wear regular yoga wear to do it! I had a 5 week long class and dropped 10lbs! It was great! And I had a blast! If not belly dance maybe another kind of dance. Try the YWCA or maybe even your local colleges they have classes like that all the time and some of them are open to the public!
I also have a video that is Carmen Electra and its called Strip Your Way to Fitness. My mom got it for me for Easter! And while its not going to help you lose a lot of weight the stretches are pretty fun and it does improve your self esteem! I also have a pilates DVD thats still in its wrapping OOPS! I'll get it out eventually and let you know how that goes!
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I love to dance. I've thought about just putting on my iPod and dancing around the livingroom like a dork for 30 minutes.
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Walking is one of the best forms of exercise there is. It relieves stress, burns calories, is relaxing and can help regulate blood sugar and lower blood pressure. That's pretty impressive for something you can do for free.

I try to walk for an hour at least 4 times a week. I am lucky because I live very close to a fitness trail which is super in the summer. Then is the winter I generally walk around a double block. I find sometimes I don't really want to go walking if I feel tired but I have found that I always feel much better when I do.

You may have to force yourself the first couple weeks but once you start to see the benefits and feel better you will really start to enjoy it....
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