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Russian Blue Cat Calendar

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I tried to find a russina blue cat calendar for 2008, and apparantly one does not exist. Maybe becasue russians are not that popular?idk!
I have some good pics of my Forest, but do any of the other russian blue owners out there have any cool pics of their russians?
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WOW - Thanks!
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Hey, here is an idea and I have been wanting to do it myself. Wal-Mart makes those calendars that you use your own photos!
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I don't know if GiGi is full blood, probably not, she was orphaned, or abandoned at my house, so no telling?? But she is very very simialiar

ar, here
are pictures of herThese were taken about 2 to 3 days before she disappereared! Someone told me that Russian Blue Cats whiskers are Black,
G's are white, anyway......she is simply beautiful!

I guess I just like to show her pics off! She's gone now from my life, and I miss her deeply, I can't even begin to tell you!! I know she is probably not a Russian Blue, but others have mentioned that she looked to be!
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Thanks for those links - they do a somali cat calendar too I've been looking for one for years but couldn't fine one so have had to make do with an Abyssinian cat one instead (not that Abys aren't gorgeous! Just wanted a Somali one).
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Cool! I forgot about cafe press!
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the swedish russian blue - club has calendars since a couple of years ago.

Send me a PM if you are interested in one, so I shall see if I can send you one.
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I ran across Cafe Press looking for an Oci calendar (which I still may order and also either a mug or t-shirt with an Oci on it).

The kitten in question might have some RB in her (fur, head and eye color look about right) - however she doesn't seem to have that silver tipping in the coat - looks more like a solid blue in the pictures
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