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Gary had to go to the hospital.....

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Well - he busted the straps and the mallet stopped working, so the incorrible Gary ended up in the hospital. He had a lot of fluid in his lungs from the pneumonia. We arrived back home this morning, and he'd being a good boy now!!!!!

I've been running back and forth to be with him and take care of the cats.

But it looks like the worst is behind us now. The outside kitties miss him!

Hopefully I'll be able to be around a little more than I have recently. I miss TCS! Boy - addiction is a rough thing!

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So sorry to hear this Laurie! I hope the weather lends itself to safe driving conditions for you to get back and forth without problems. Give that feral fighter of yours a hug from this household...
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Oh Laurie.....I am going to say special prayers for a speedy recovery for Gary. Pneumonia is serious stuff....I hope he takes it easy now.

I'm glad to see you back....I've missed you! (Yep....again!)

I agree...once an addict, always an addict. I'm in the same boat. I have a TCS addiction but, I've decided NOT to seek treatment
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I am so glad to hear Gary is out of the hospital and I hope he keeps getting better every day!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you both!!!!!
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I'm sorry that Gary had to go to the hospital, but very glad to hear he's doing better. Maybe you should try chains and padlocks next? Healthy thoughts to Gary and hugs to you!
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Wow! Good to hear from you -- I'm sorry to hear Gary had taken a turn for the worse. Glad he is out of the hospital. Hope he continues to get better!
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Laurie! Prayers and thoughts of healing to Gary! I know, men can be such babies when it comes to taking proper care of themselves. And we worry about them as we would about babies...

I'm glad he's home now - give him an extra hug in my name please!
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WHY won't these men behave, when they're sick? Glad he's home, though. Don't forget to take care of yourself.
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OMG I just saw this! I am so sorry that Gary was so sick!
Prayers and healing thoughts on their way for a speedy recovery!

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WOW! I agreee, why can't men just listen to us and take care of themselves? of well, you smack him upside the head and keep him in line for me! LOL! just remember to relax and take time for yourself too or you'll end up sick too! I'll be thinking about you!
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Oh my goodness! I hate that he was feeling so bad that he ended up in the hospital. I'm glad he's back home now and I hope he behaves himself from now on!
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Glad that Gary is on the mend!

Tell him to get lots of:

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Laurie, I'm glad to hear that Gary is over the worst of it. Hopefully that trip to the hospital will convince him to take care of himself. I've been thinking about you a lot lately with you not being around much, and hoping everything was OK. Glad to here it is now!
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I'm glad Gary's home, and getting better. Men really don't want to listen when they're supposed to, do they? Maybe he'll take better care of himself now.
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Stubborn, aren't they? Well - more like LOL!!!

Thank you all so much for your good wishes!!!

He's being a good boy today, and hasn't even spent too much time on the phone!

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Didn't you threaten him that he would have to answer to us here at TCS if he doesn't take care of himself. That should scare him into behaving! Tell him to listen to you and get better quick!
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