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Soft hair or not

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I have noticed that some be neighbors cat has really really soft hair, Mellow (my cat)however has causer rougher hair, is this because he is still adjusting to slightly better food and a home (I got him in July form a shelter) does brushing him help soften his hair, he quite enjoys a good brushing but only with the nice soft bristly side (not the metal side) and I don't do it very regularly. I am assuming some cats have sort hair and some cats have diferent hair to other cats, just like humans....
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Yes different cats and different texture coats... Zoeys the vet call s rabbit fur.. kandie was slick and soft
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I've definitely noticed a huge difference in the fur of all of our cats. Woodward is the softest of all of them, I always compare it to a rabbits fur. A few of them are "shiny" feeling (hard to describe, LOL), while some of the others have slightly rougher fur.
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Food, grooming, etc. do play a part in the fur texture. But a lot has to do with genetics too. Ling has always been on very good food from the time she was a kitten.

She gets combed every once in awhile as needed. Her coat texture is on the rougher side. Its not lack of good food - its just her genetics. She has a harsher "American SH" type of coat
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Yes, they are different, kinda like people Seb has soft plushier fur while Daphne's is silky. I like being able to tell them apart by touch
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They can be different, but if you are just starting a higher quality food, he may "soften up". I always thought that Bird just had "rough fur", but since I changed their food off "grocery store" dry food (first to Felidae, now Nutro), she has soft fur, and the others, who I thought were soft, are just heavenly soft now. I was shocked (not to mention, feeling a little guilty- but hey, when you know better, you do better, is the name of the game, right? )
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food can help alot... but remember what works for one cat may not work for another...
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My Sister in laws kitty Roxy has the softest of all fur. I too thought I was doing something wrong to make their hair so not soft, turns out they feed theirs junk and really dont pet, brush or anything.... So... Maybe its just genetics!
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It's definitely genetics with Jaffa. He's always had coarse hair every since he was a kitten. He's well fed and it is soft on his back and shines, so it's not poor diet. It's just the way he is. Mosi has soft, fluffy rabbit fur but that's a breed thing.
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Variations. Jasmine had fine, silky smooth flat fur, Charlie has slightly course, extremely thick fur
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