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small breed dogs that like cats?

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SOMEDAY far far away I would like to get a small dog. I was wondering what kinds get along well with cats?
I love Italian Greyhounds, but they are prone to breaking their legs and I worry a little since they are sighthounds.
What about chiuauas (sorry about the spelling) or yorkshire terriers? Any other recomendations?
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Be forewarned....smaller dogs tend to be nippier. As a rule of thumb, terriers tend to be chaser. I've successfully fostered at Jack Russell as well as Rat Terriers with all my cats.

It will depend on the individual dog. I encourage you to look into adult rescues and look for one that has lived with cats. Esp. since you're cats have never really been around a dog before. Makes it easier on all parts.
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I dont think that small dogs tend to be nippier. I think that small dog owners tend to let them get away with things that they'd never let a big dog get away with. The type of person who would get a small dog is sometimes the type of person who wants something cute to cuddle with, rather than something to go on walks and throw sticks with. Small dogs are dogs, with the same urges and needs.

My Chihuahua would never in 6 trillion years nip. I treat her as a dog, and she has had all the same training as my shepherds. She loves to sit on my lap, but then so would the shepherds if I let them.

This picture is from the second day I brought my kitten home. Both the kitten and Midge tolerate each other, and can share the same 2 square feet space.

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I would choose Chiuhuahuas, but not any terrier or herding dog. I'm more of a big dog person - so I'm not sure, but you might check small poodles - poodles are VERY smart, but they might be herders...???
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My husband really wants a Mastiff, that is NOT a SMALL dog.
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I'm a big fan of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. My Sammy is a Cavalier/Jack Russell mix, his mom was a Cavalier and I fostered her for over a year. They are really awesome dogs. Sammy has the perfect mix of temperament from both breeds. Some Terriers can be nippy and most Jack Russell owners wouldn't advise having a JRT with a cat but I have Sammy and a purebred JRT with the cats and they get along fine. It all depends on your individual dogs.

Other small breeds that you might consider: Boston Terrier, Pekingese, Papillon, Shih Tzu or Poodle. I have personally owned or fostered one of each of these breeds and all were wonderful dogs. Like others have suggested, an adult rescue with a known history of being around cats may be best.... but you can also train a puppy to get along with the cats.
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I have a yorkie who loves cats... actually thinks she is part cat and part

I have had great success with all kinds of dogs with cats ... mainly herding types .... I am only extremely causious with bully breeds
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I have a toy pomeranian she loves cats, she is never nippy, the only problem i've had is the cat pounceing on the dog, it does hurt her but it sometimes annoys her.
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As long as you get it as a puppy I really think it will be ok. Terrier's are rodent hunters, so they are a little tricky when it comes to small animals. However, my mom has a Wire Hair Fox Terrier (High chase/hunt drive) but we can bring any animal into the house and he will love it like his own little puppy. We've always hatched eggs in the house for my granny and then the babies stay inside for a few weeks as well. We've had several gooslings and ducklings that the Terrier about licked to death. He won't leave the the tote we keep them in! He also does great with bunnies, lambs, rats, birds, kittens....The list goes on and on. He just wants to lick them and be their mom. It's so weird! We got him at a year old, but he still turned out pretty dang good!

This is the only picture I have of him and another animal....he just looked at the lizard, he wasn't exactly sure if he wanted to lick it

I've had a lot of people tell me that Chihuahua's don't get a long well with cats......Well....this is what I have to say to them!!!!!

That's my baby Thor and Stuart! They just can't get enough of eachother! He's not nippy or yappy. I could count the number of times I've heard him bark on one hand for the last two months that I've had him. (Thor is a long haired Chihuahua)

Poodles are not my favorite, but to each his own...

Pomaranians are pretty close to Chihuahua's so I think they would work too.

I really think any small breed would work as long as you got them as a puppy.
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I have a Lhasa and he basically ignores the cats...or gets a little too friendly with them if you know what I mean its like he develops a crush on them or something Lhasas aren't supposed to be that good with kids though, I know Vino is not fond of them, but then he's a grumpy old man
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Oh, and I forgot to add. My mom also has a Blue Healer (hearding dog) Beagle (hunting dog) Rat Terrier (hunter as well) Mix...... With all those breeds you would think she would be the most vicious hunter.....NOPE! He could care less about the rat, rabbits, baby animals, birds, and kittens. She can't stand it when any of the animals touch her and she runs aways

She's an awesome dog out on the farm though, she'll herd anything for us. She'll even help out with the horses, she VERY brave!
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I have a Border Collie mix of some type. He doesn't hurt the cats, but he does like to gather them up into my room at night (
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I have a Papillon, and he loves everything that moves!
Usually if a dog is raised around a cat that is okay with him, he will be okay. Or vice versa.
I would try to go for an shelter dog that gets along with cats.
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Most of the terriers would be more aggresive to cats. Poodles probably would work, Boston Terriers are the terrier exception, and maybe the King Charles Spanials
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Helps stop the approach of unwanted dogs at up to 40 feet. Works on cats too! Easy to use: Just point the animal repeller at dog or cat and press the button.
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Originally Posted by mom2raven View Post
SOMEDAY far far away I would like to get a small dog. I was wondering what kinds get along well with cats?
I love Italian Greyhounds, but they are prone to breaking their legs and I worry a little since they are sighthounds.
What about chiuauas (sorry about the spelling) or yorkshire terriers? Any other recomendations?
Basenjis. They are like a cat in that they cannot bark and clean theirselves just like a cat and have no odor whatsoever. They have short hair and do not shed. A male weighs 24 pounds and a female 22 so they are not much bigger than some cats.
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My mom already had two cats when she got her little Yorkie. They got along just fine. In fact, Molly (the Yorkie) has a lot of cat qualities. She'll use her paw to playfully bop the cats on the head like they do to her and she has a very cat like "pounce pose". We always joke that she's a cat in a Yorkie body. I guess it makes sense since she was "raised" by two cats.

Also, my Gran's miniature poodle Bridgett thinks her cat Maggie is HERS. She nuzzles her like a momma would her pup. And with that situation, Maggie came after Bridget was the established queen bee of the household.

We've had Cairn Terriers as well and they're not as good with the cats. They quickly learned claws hurt...but they'd still try to chase and nip at them.
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
I've had a lot of people tell me that Chihuahua's don't get a long well with cats......Well....this is what I have to say to them!!!!!

How seriously cute is that?!!

I second the idea of not getting most terriers, with Yorkies, and Bostons the exceptions. King Charles Cavaliers are one of my favourite breeds, they're the sweetest little muffin-pups, and I've known a few who live well with cats.
It all really does come down to the introductions, and raising them to be tolerant and respectful of each other. I seen many different breeds of dogs living happily with their cats, including higher prey drive breeds like huskies, Brittany spaniels, German Shepherds, Dobermans. I don't think I've personally met a JRT that got along OK with cats though. I've heard that Papillons are a good breed for living with other animals too.
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The only small dogs that I've ever lived with were poodles when I was a kid. They got along marvelously with the cats - mostly ignored them and that was OK by the cats. I consider a 50 pound dog small, so you don't want my opinion on small dog breeds.

I've had a number of types of dogs with my cats - greyhounds, herding dogs, scent hounds, retrievers. What I've found is that the key to having any dog is to make sure they are trained and completely respect you. If you have no control with your dog, it can terrorize your cat.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
I don't think I've personally met a JRT that got along OK with cats though.
My friend recently had her old JRT pts, he was wonderful with the cats. Would sleep on the lounge with them even in his younger energetic years, he grew up with cats and was really good with them.
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I know many households with Chihuahuas and Sphynx that get along very well. Mine included.
I also own Dobermans with my kitty kitty kitty.
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Bichon Frises tend to be happy little dogs that get along with everyone and all other animals. The big drawback to them is the grooming bills unless you learn how to cut their hair yourself. They have hair that doesn't stop growing so they need regular haircuts. The main thing with small dogs is to remember they are still dogs. Anything that you wouldn't allow a big dog to do shouldn't be tolerated in a small dog. That is how a lot of small dogs become overbearing and nippy.
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My mom just got a Bichon Frise, and it wants to be friends with my cats soooo bad They are just not having it. They are very friendly cute dogs that love everything/everyone
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I would love to have dogs that liked my cats. I now have (until 3 wks ago I have 4) 2 doxis. They want nothing more to do that eat the cats. Well, they were here before the kittens. THen I found a couple of kittens in my barn with my barn cats, (all are spayed and nuetered.). I kept one, spayed her, tipped her ear to send her back out. No way. I feel in love with her and she stays in the house. Then I got another feral kitten from a TNR group and they stay in the back of the house. there is a kiddy gate in the hall, so the cats can get back and forth but the dogs cant. I have gotten so tired of the dogs chasing the cats, that I brought Smoke to the bedroom, put her on my chest, and let one of the dogs come up to her. In this situation, I knew the cat would teach the dog some respect. It worked. as long as the cats don't run. When they run all bets are off. It's only been a couple of months so I know I still have time before I get too frustrated. Oh well, it is a long process, but I know it will get better.

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I have a friend with a toy Maltese, and he is great with her cats. He is also sooooooo adorable. I would take him in an instant if she would only part with him. She even got him at a shelter with a 3 puppy litter was brought in. They were about 8 mo. old, and a mess.
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