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My Puppies + Kitty!

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^^^^^ Kitty ^^^^^
Lovely Ragdoll Cat, Bright Blue Eyes, Loves to break stuff, and a very snuggley kitten!

^^^^^ Mickey ^^^^^
Small, 3 lb. Yorkie Teacup Terrier, Big Cute Puppy Eyes, 2 years old. That is how big he is going to stay.

^^^^^ OJO ^^^^^
A little larger then Mickey and Kitty. Pounds: Unknown. Ojo is a Shih Tzu and he has big eyes, puppyish.
Those are my pets! Their favirote colors are their names.
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Aww! You have a great family of pretty pets They are all sooo cute! :
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I want more cats! Im saving up to buy my own cat and take care of him/her. My mom doesnt want to buy another.
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you have very cute pets
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You have a lovely pet family!!!
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very cute!
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Awww adorable love them yorkie's they are so cute
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Nice little fur family you have!
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Oh my goodness they are all to die for!!! I just love the little yorkie!!!!
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They are great
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The dogs are very cute. Kitty is adorable, I love ragdolls!
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Awwww, very cute furry family
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really beautiful
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Aww! Your kitty looks just like my Tonka
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