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Feliway Plug-In works great!

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Last week I got a Feliway Plug-In to help my timid Russian Blue kitty accept a calico we rescued 2 years ago. Feliway contains a substance that mimics the calming face rubbing pheromones of a cat. It's marketed to help stop spraying, vertical scratching and reduced interaction.

Our Russian has always either run away or hissed or batted at the "new" cat even though we introduced them over a period of about 6 months. The day after I got the plug-in, our Russian's behavior improved immensely. She still doesn't love the calico, but she doesn't run away if the calico gets too close — just overall MUCH more relaxed. Even though it's been 2 years since we introduced the calico, it wasn't too late to repair thank goodness.

Definitely worth the money for our cats. I hope others that have similarly positive experiences.

There is also a similar product for dogs called Comfort Zone with DAP.
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I am glad to hear it is working so well for you!! That is great!!!
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I got Feliway Plug-in last Friday at Pets mart when I got
my Catfood . It works great . I already sah a change in the
cats the first night . They are all more relaxed . Malachi
used to chase Thailee around the house all the time , well
don't any more . Only in the main Bathroom (need one plug in
there ) he chase him . Also Raffael and Moses are loners
and are no lap cats and only sid next to me , but otherwise
sweet boys . They are still no lap cats , but I can pet them
now with out them getting anoid about it . They all seem
to play more now in the Livingroom and there is no more
cat related fights at all .I also have not seen any body
peeing next to the door any more and that is super
So for sure I will have that Plug-in always going .
I don't remember the website for Feliway on line to buy , so
if anybody could list it again I would love to send that page
to my friend Goldie . It is also cheaper on line
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I get mine at the Pet Guys. And it just so happens Feliway is on sale now $20.99 for the unit and $11.99 for a refill. If you are in the SF Bay Area, the USP ground shipping arrives the next day. . .awesome.

And I was just telling Jcat that Feliway as a side benefit has also helped my kitties eosinophilic granuloma complex (skin rashes) tremendously. So if your kitty also has a stress related condition, the Feliway might help with that too.

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Thank you Maui
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