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My cat Mel died 5 years ago.I really miss her.She had many litters of kittens.She died from kidney failure.She was my first cat.I really loved her.
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Even though it was so long ago - rest in peace Mel
Shes probably prancing around with all the other kitties over the rainbow bridge...
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You memorial to your beloved Mel, was beautiful.
She had been with you in your heart for the last 5 years and will never leave.
Play in the sunshine at the Bridge sweet Mel.
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RIP Mel.
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Mel must have been a wonderful cat for you to still remember her so vividly. My daughter and I had a cat for 15 years that died in 1994. I still miss her, so I can understand. My prayers are with you.
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Rest in Peace Mel.
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Rest in peace Mel.
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