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This has probably been asked before...

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but I'm new so can that be a good excuse? My question is... what is your favorite domestic breed? Exotic breed? If you had any choice, no matter what, what kind of a cat would you like to have as a pet? Feel free to dream away... sigh... I know I do when it comes to my favorite breeds

For an exotic, I would love to have a Savanna -- ever since I saw ( )the breed back in HS I've had a special place for them -- I think my hubby and I are definitly going to wait until our girls are grown however, before we actually get one.

Of course then I also LOVE Norweigan Forest Cats and Siberians -- something about that long fluffy coat and pretty eyes

For a household domestic kitty, I would have to say calicos are my fav. I love the "Halloween" ones that are black, orange, and white. And I really like the kitties we have right now
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This comes up from time to time, most like their moggies and strays of course

I guess my favorite breed is hmm....RAGDOLLS LOL!
My favorite color cat (other then ragdolls) is Black! I love black cats!
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Domestic breeds are always great
As for purebreds: # 1: Exotic Shorthair - can't resist their smushy faces : Other favorites are: Maine Coons, Norweigan Forest Cats, Persians, Russian Blues, Ragdoll, Snowshoe, & several others
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I like purebreds that look and move like little jaguars; bengals, ocicats, maus. I grew up wanting a maine coon, but ended up with a mau.

I like black and white cow cats for domestics.
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I don't know much about actual breeds of cats, but my favorite color of mixed breed is tortoiseshell.
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well, my fave color of domestic is probably brown tabby, I think they're anything but plain!! And my favorite breed is a Siamese, they are just the most beautiful cats to me I also like Abys and Orientals
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I have a soft spot for any cat with "problems". From having only three legs to brain damage to being really raggedy round the edges. I like the "broken kitties".

Still, long haired/semi-longhaired breeds are my preferences. Oh and odd-eyed. I'd love to have a ragdoll some time though
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My favorite breed of cat is the Burmese.

My favorite color of cat is a silver tabby.
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I definitely prefer the mixed breeds, especially long haired kitties. Black and white kitties are my favorite colors.

But if I have to pick a purebred I'd say my favorites are Bengals, Siamese, and Russian Blues.
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I love American Shorthair for pure breed and my favorite color is well I don't really have a favorite color. =) Maybe tabby with white socks!
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I'm one of those boring people who likes them all, especially the moggies
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hmm i like the breeds that purr, and chase mice, and look cute,
what type is that hehe.
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Let's see...we've almost always had a black cat. And I grew up with Siamese, so I love those blue eyes. I think odd eyed kitties are cool - we've had 3 of them. And I love really big cats, so I love having a Ragdoll!
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Regular ol mixed breed kitties. I like black, grey and orange cats...and calicos but I am always the one that gets adopted so I don't choose.

If I could have a certain breed.... I do like ragdolls and bengals.
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I am a sucker for the plain old mixed breed and I love Calico's

For an exotic I love Russian Blue, Scottish Fold, and Devon Rex
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My favorites are the ones in my siggy.
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My favorite "domestic" breed is Oriental Shorthairs. I think they are so awesome.

Favorite "exotic" is Savannahs. I'll never own one though. I know they arent the cat for me.

If I could have any cat right now it would be a mostly white calico.
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Anything Spotted
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Well, 4 out of our 5 are rescues, 3 of them moggies. I love them dearly and they're all individual.

But as far as purebreds go, well I already have the pleasure of being the slave to my dream purebreed kitties - my two roguish Singapuras.

I also look at Bengals, Egyptian Maus and Abys and just go awwwww. But then again, that's pretty my reaction when I see any kitty
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Breeds... hmm. Siamese, maybe? Apple-head, not the extreme type; I don't like the way breed standards are going to extremes. But a cat who loves to be nearby, insists on attention, and is intelligent and probably a peck of trouble? Yes, please!

As for colors, I will always love brown tabbies.
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