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Any advice is appreciated

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I will try to keep this relatively short, but I am wondering if any of you know what sort of recourse I might have against a doctor's office who apparently refuses to fax in my short-term medical leave papers to my workplace.

I have apparently offended them by getting a second opinion. Tuesday, when I called to check on the status of my paperwork, the lady there started accusing me of all sorts of things like not following the doctor's orders, etc. I calmly explained to her exactly what the doctor had told me to do and that I had followed his orders to the best of my ability. Anyways, I am now extremely reluctant to call again because of how I was treated last time, but I NEED that paperwork if I am to be paid for my time off.

I doubt that they would just give it to me if I march in there and I am a scaredy cat when it comes to confrontation. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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Well, I guess this is a false alarm, I just got a call that my paperwork arrived. Not filled out properly, but at least it is there. I can't believe it took two weeks.
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Better late than never, albiet incorrectly filled out.
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Glad to hear they got the papers!
Two weeks is a long time just to fax some paperwork but at least they faxed them
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When I went on disability it took forever to get the paperwork! I brought the papers to them 3 weeks before only to be told they won't even fill them out till the day after surgery.
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Originally Posted by WELDRWOMN View Post
Well, I guess this is a false alarm, I just got a call that my paperwork arrived. Not filled out properly, but at least it is there. I can't believe it took two weeks.
Only 2 weeks?! I wish my doctor would fill out paper work in that time period!

In August 2005 one of my insurance companies needed a medical form filled out. I gave it to him on August 5th, 2005.

I bugged him and bugged him about that form. Finally in September 2006 I wrote a letter of complaint to the "College of Physicians and Surgeons", his governing body.

The wrote me a letter with a copy to him saying that it's best to work this out between the 2 of us. I couldn't believe it! I had spent 13 months trying to work it out with him and got no where! So I wrote them back and said that I wouldn't have sought out their help if I was capable of getting this resolved on my own.

They wrote him another letter a couple weeks later and gave him a reminder of the need for that form.

A few weeks later it was still not filled out so they wrote him again and told him that it needs to be completed.

Again, it wasn't filled out.

In November 2006 someone from the College talked to him about it and how serious this was. He said he would get it done.

Mid December 2006 the form was still not filled out.

They sent him a letter and told him that he had until January 31, 2007 to fill out that form or they would be taking him before the Board of Physicians.

He finally faxed a 14 page report to the insurance company on January 31, 2007! The very last day that he had to do it!

I gave him 3 insurance forms to fill out on June 4, 2007. I have bugged him at least once a week since then and he still hasn't filled them out.

I just called again yesterday and told his office that they have to be done by December 31, 2007. If they aren't I'm going to have to write and complain to the College once again. And I don't think they will take too kindly to me having to write them for assistance in this and I doubt very much that he will be allowed 5 months of reminders in order to get it completed, given the fact that I've already complained about his lax behaviour not so long ago.

So while you think 2 weeks is a long time, it could be much worse

To answer your question about who you would complain to: you would complain to his governing body, which is usually a College of Physicians or a medical board.
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Glad to hear you got your papers. But is seems to me that they were incredibly unprofessional. It's probably time to switch doctors, if I were you.
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