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Do your cat's weight fluctuate during different times of the year? Pepper is usually a little chubby, but sometimes will lose weight and seem very thin. She is healthy, uses the litterbox, mostly, (she has always had a bit of a problem with that, she wants to go in the toilet) and eats well. The others do it, too, but it just seems more noticeable on Pepper. I am baffled.
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Our kitties all gain weight around now, and are a little thinner in the Summer/fall.

Tuxedo we watch like a hawk because of his autoimmune problem, and just by looking at him we can tell if he's over 11 pounds or around 10 pounds, which seems to be his range. He gets his steroid shot every three or four months - he puts on the weight after the shot, and loses it as we near time for the next one. But that's obviously very explain-able.

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Mine all put weight on in the winter and slim down in the summer, apart from Bumper who is backwards and loses weight in winter (I think he gets too hot to move in summer)
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Zoey is a bit more drastic ... 7.75lb to 9.5 lbs... Vet has checked her and said it is just her ... I did find her winter coat is over an inch thick
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damian normally loses weight during the winter and gains in the summer. i attest that to his hunting, which he obviously can do more of in the summer. of course being a long haired kitty he gets larger looking during the winter because of his winter coat. of course right now he has gained so much weight sneaking the kitten food....mr fatty needs to go on a diet.
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Yes they can, but if its a drastic weight change, there may be a problem. My guys vary a pound or two at times throughout the year; but pretty much maintain their weight.
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She had seemed sick for a few days, she seems a little better today. I let everybody out for their morning potty and run around the yard, but the ground is wet, so she did not want to run around this morning. She sat patiently on the trash can waiting for me to come get her so she would not get her feet wet. She had really liked my rescue cat that passed away, so maybe she was depressed. She is still going to the vet ASAP, but it does not seem quite so urgent now.
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