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Daily Thread for Sunday------

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Woke up to frost on the ground and two fiesty horses clanging the gate for their grain. The two new ferals showed up at the feeding station this morning, staying just out of reach and only going to eat after I turned around to head for the house.

Right now, Taz is up on the top of my file cabinet near the computer taking great delight in shredding a pad of post-it notes! And- I found a home for Karma but not for a few months. The woman is having a new home built and she does not want to put Karma through the trauma of separation-relocation-relocation so it will be summertime before Karma goes to this wonderful home!

My mouth finally simmered down- aren't pain pills wonderful. I go see my dentist tomorrow morning.....ugh.....

Hope everyone stays safe and has a glourious day!
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MA - I'm glad your mouth is feeling better.

As for Karma, That is great news! Summer is around the corner....isn't it??????

Today is my clean up day (mostly laundry). Yuck...... Oh well, guess I have to do it. It's just that the cleaning keeps getting in the way of my computer time.
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Ghyslaine- I hear you there- my house definitely right now has that "lived in look" about it! Enjoy your day cleaning and all!
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Hello there!

I do my laundry during the week. I think we need to get the groceries today, ugh, I hate the crowds at super walmart, so may rude people.

Kahu is funny this morning, I was watching a movie on Lifetime and he kept staring at me, so I laid down on the couch and pretended to be asleep to see what he would do (peeping at him) and what he did was crept up to me and looked all around me and went behind me and watched me the whole time. It was cute - no idea why he did that though LOL.

Im writing a letter and getting a couple of packages all done, they are so well wrapped as I dont want the bottles to break, I sure hope that it wont be hard to unwrap.

I am glad your mouth is feeling better - saliva has great healing qualities, but I am sure you know that.

That is great news for Karma, its always wonderful when a cat gets a new home.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Don't know what, if anything, we're going to do today. Bill fixed buckwheat cakes, bacon and sausage, for breakfast.

Its a bit chilly, so I'd rather do something, indoors. Maybe, a mall crawl.

I found a couple of jobs, in the morning paper, to check out, this week. Maybe, something will turn up.
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I'm so glad your mouth feels better Hissy! Are you feeling better today Ghyslaine? I read somewhere you weren't feeling good yesterday.

I have a terrible sore throat and a bad cough, but I have had it for 3 weeks now, so I am getting used to it.

Today is my step-daughter Brooke's 18th birthday! We are taking her out for supper tonight and I baked her a cake!

Amber is doing well, she will be 6 months old on the 16th, how time flies!!!!

She eats solid food (baby food that is ) and she laughs, smiles, giggles...won't be long now till she is crawling!!
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Holy moly!!! I leave for a few hours and now, I can't catch up to all the posting that went on....

I'm feeling much better Debby, thank you for asking!

Amber is 6 months old....wow. I still remember her b-day! That was an exciting time here. Alot of people walking the halls. You are definately right.....how time flies.

Take care of your sore throat. It's a tough year for everyone.

Kellye, maybe Kahu thought you were hiding a treat???? Cute though.....cats are so intelligent. Who knows what was going through that pretty little head.

Cindy...you are SOOOOOOO lucky. Bill cooks for you all the time. Can I borrow him for a while????

MA...I did some laundry, groceries and cleaning. Not sure if I enjoyed it though.....

Tonight, we have to sit down and write valentines cards and tape some suckers on them for Steve and Nick's classmates.
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OMG, Debby, your post made me remember - I'm turning 40 this month. Birthday's usually aren't an issue for me... but somehow....

We have our laundry done for us! The way Gary likes to do laundry, it has turned out to be cheaper to have someone else do it. Except for sheets and towels and small stuff, they just put everything on hangers though, so I have to fold it all when we get home. And making the bed is always fun - it's close to all the cats' favorite game. We simply call it the "make the bed game."

Kahu - too cute! What a sweetie he's turned out to be.

Cindy - Gary would love sausage. Not gonna happen!

Ghys, glad you're feeling better.

Mary Anne - I'm jealous of the dentist you have. Sorry to hear about the pain, but it sounds like you've got a great dentist (I remember from the broken tooth!)

Debby - have fun tonight!
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This has turned out to be a sad day here.As soon as I got home from work I got a phone call,They don;t think my 87 year old grandmother is going to make it through the night.She has been sick for quite a while now. As sad as it is, she is ready,she is in a lot of pain.we went down,she is at home,where she wants to be,which I think is great. We told her to go,we would be all right.On top of this tommorrow we take Ted's mom to the nursing home,and my sister has to have a large lump taken out of her breast tommorrow! They do not know if it is cancer or not.she had a cancer lump taken off her face last year! And she just had her first grandbaby 4 months ago.When it rains it pours! It;s no wonder I just want to crawl into bed and stay there!
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I am so sorry to hear of all that's happening in your family. My thoughts are with all of you, and special prayers for your sister, that the lump turns out benign.
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Oh Sherral....I'm so sorry. Stay strong. I will say a prayer for you, your grandma and your sister.

I'm sure things will be fine for your MIL.

I know what you mean, when it rains..it pours.

Take care of yourself. Big (((HUG)))
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I am so sorry Sherral. Prayers to you and to your family. (((HUGS)))
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I tried out this recipe tonight, oh it was so yummy - tarragon chicken! MMM, even hubby liked it - he doesnt normally like change! If anyone is interested, I can post the recipe here, its easy to make.
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Post....please post! I'm always looking for recipe ideas:tounge2:
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All posted - figured I might as well as start a recipe thread!!!
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I love Tarragon chicken! Garlic chicken also!
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