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ok to leave cats at home for a few days?

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I recently acquired two cats from the local animal shelter, a male and a female. Both are spayed and neutered, chipped and quite healthy. They are around 8-10 months old and are indoors only (for now at least). I live in a house in a somewhat rural area and there are a lot of feral cats around that I don’t want them mixing up with.

I’m going to be out of town for a few days around Christmas (the 22nd to the 27th). I waited too late to try and reserve boarding for them at the local vet (who is now fully booked). I’m trying to locate somebody I can trust to come in and check on them once or twice while I am away (5 days). Which leads to my questions:

1.)\tIf I leave a couple of litter boxes and extra food out, would 5 days be okay in the event I don’t have somebody come in and check on them?
2.)\tWhen cats get lonely, what kind of behavior changes do they exhibit? Will they freak out and start tearing things up? I’m worried my extended absence might be a bit much for then, at their early age (< 1 year).

FYI, I am near Georgetown, Texas, in case anybody has suggestions for boarding (they did fine boarding at Georgetown Animal Hospital over Thanksgiving).

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5 days is too long, anything could happen. You should get somebody to come and check them at least once a day.
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No, 5 days is too long without someone coming in to check on them, feed and water and hopefully clean the litter box at least every other day.

I have no problem with a weekend leaving them - I do it all the time since I show cats. Leave on Friday night or early Saturday morning and am home late Sunday night.

Try to find a neighbor or friend's older child that wants to earn money. When we went to Maryland for a week, we had a good church friend's daughter babysit the dog for us to earn money for a computer. The look on her face when we paid her was priceless. She didnt' expect anywhere near what we paid . She was just so happy to take care of Keno - she's 16 yrs old and a fine young woman. We'll have no problem asking them to babysit again
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I think that they'd be happier if you could leave them at home with a pet-sitter than at a boarder. My little town has a few pet-sitting businesses so I imagine a bigger town would have them. If they are a registered business it would be safe to leave your keys with them.

I do leave my cats over weekends sometimes, with extra litter out and extra bowls of dry food, and they do fine. If it's longer, then I get the sitters to come or I ask my family to stop in.
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Yeah, 5 days is quite awhile. We will be gone for about 9 days and I didn't want to take Jack to a boarder (he's 4 1/2 months old and is finally settling in with us). I finally found someone who is going to stop by each day, feed/water, scoop and offer a little love (she is allergic but loves cats). I feel much better knowing he is in our home. I couldn't imagine having him stuck in a little kennel all week long.

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Thankfully, the answer has been provided

I have located a couple near my house who I trust that will stop by and do the litter box / cat food treatment for $20.00 a pop (only need two or three).

Glad I can spend Christmas with my family and not have to worry about the kitties
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