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It's another long day

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It seems like every day something has to go wrong in my life. Mostly it's just little things, like the internet breaking or something like that, but it's always SOMETHING.

Around midnight last night we got a phone call that John's grandma was going downhill fast and that someone needed to get to the hospital. John's mom and grandpa went up there, but I was too worried to sleep so I stayed up for awhile. Finally I was exhausted and fell asleep. Normally I wake up 4-5 times in the middle of the night, but last night I didn't.

I finally woke up at 6 AM, about 45 minutes before the alarm was going to go off. Taco jumped up on me and I noticed that he felt wet. I didn't really think anything of it because he loves to play in his water bowl. Then Garfield jumped on me, and he was wet too. That's when I noticed that there was water standing by the side of the bed. The more I looked, the more water I saw... almost the entire basement was standing in about 1-2 inches of water.
There were 3 or 4 small patches of dry floor and that's where dog crates got moved to and cats got put in dog crates too.

Apparently it rained last night and the drain outside got clogged... which made the sump pump back up into the basement. So I've been using the wet dry vac (which, by the way, smells AWFUL because we've had to use it to clean up water before and it just smells terrible because of it) and have gotten the majority of the standing water out of the bedroom but there's still the rest of the basement to go. There is sooooo much stuff down here from the old houses, and it's all just sitting in water. A lot of it is garbage anyway but we have to get it out before it gets moldy.

As if the flooded basement wasn't enough, I went upstairs to wash my hands. John's dad has another cat that mainly lives outside but he lets her come in at night and sleep in the kitchen where it's warm. John and I had been wondering what was happening if she needed to go potty in the middle of the night because there's no litter box up there for her. Well, I found out this morning the hard way. I went to the sink to wash my hands and stepped on something squishy with my bare feet. There below the sink was a nice pile of fresh cat poop.

I washed it off and came back down to work on the basement some more. I got the standing water up in the bedroom and am just waiting for the floor to dry, there's not much more I can do in here until it dries. So I decided to go ahead and get a shower because I felt awful. And what happens? No towels to dry off with, which I realized when I was already soaking wet. I just put my clothes on anyway. So I'm sitting here in the middle of water, soaking wet myself, cold, and wishing I could just crawl back into bed... which I can't because the cats jumped on it and got water all over the blankets so now they need to be washed.

It's going to be another very long day.
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Oh my gosh. You need some serious good to help you get through this day.
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Originally Posted by Kittee View Post
Oh my gosh. You need some serious good to help you get through this day.
The vibes are very much appreciated!
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I'm sorry it's been a bad day for you.
I remember wakeing up one day and walking down to the basement the cat walking in front of me and when she steped on the carpet it moved. Turned out that the carpet was floating on about 5 inches of water.... I have been that person with the wet vac sucking up water into the wee hours of the morning I feel for you. *HUGS*
I hope it gets better from here
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ugh, not a very good start to the day lots of vibes for it to get better
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We hope Johns grandma is okay & We hope your days will go better!
Heres lots of for everything to calm down...
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...a very long day.......
for you.......donĀ“t give up!...
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Yuck, what a seriously bad way to start the day! Here's hoping it gets better. (love your sig, by the way!)
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warm, dry, happy vibes for you!!!
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Sounds like my life...It's always some thing going wrong
My floor isn't flooded, but the roof leaks, so all the snow melting is dripping through, I have pails and buckets and pans and bowls every where every time it rains, or snows, or....
I hope it gets better for you.
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Thanks for the vibes everyone. I've managed to get the bedroom completely dry and clean, which was my main goal. The rest of the basement is drying pretty well too, just needs a bit more work. After a closer inspection it appears that not as much got wet as we originally thought. It looked worse than it really was, but it was 6 AM and I hadn't had much sleep!

It's been nice being able to take breaks from the cleaning and get on TCS to relax a little bit!
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Oh my goodness, what a hard morning I hope your day gets better
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I wish you the best for the next days. Things can't always go wrong, you'll be paid back for your courage and patience. For now, I'm sending you a lot of vibes too and a "thumb's up" to keep going .... and a sunshine to dry all the water and warm up your heart.

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