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Country mouse rants about city life.

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Ok I'll admit it. I am a country mouse at heart. Born in the country side, raised on an active Arabian horse farm with animals galore my life was one with nature. Hiking, fishing, hunting and camping I've done it all. And all by my self I might add. Being an only child did not hold back my adventurous side.

UNTIL my 20's. Holy cow what has happened to me. I stay indoors, playing computer games, when I'm home and when I'm at work I'm on a computer WORKING on computer games. Which is fine, I do enjoy it but I feel a calling sometimes that just about rips apart my soul at the seams. Just a few moments ago I stepped outside (working the midnight shift..grr..) and in the darkness there I found QUIET. No rushing cars on the busy street, no people or music. Nothing but the occasional clang of the flagpole and the wind rustling through what FEW tree's are around this building. Breathing in the cold air, closing my eyes for just a moment, listening to the sound of splendorous silence, I couldn't help but wish to the powers that be that I was once again in the mountains of my youth, or exploring thick pine forest, smelling richly of thick, sticky sap and the needles gently crunching beneath the hooves of my horse.

How I miss those simple moments.

I love my husband to death and he certainly is a city mouse, heck the wide open emptiness of the country scares him. And I don't plan on going anywhere, but dang I sure do miss it sometimes.

If I had a choice, I swear my ideal home would be a cabin on about 100 acres of land, in Alaska, Montana, Canada or Washington state. What beautiful places. Just me and the mountains....ah....sigh.

I need to win the lottery so I can buy a home like that. This cramped up apartment living in the suburbs of a big city is killing me.
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lol you know what, I can understand those feelings.
i was city boy. But i spent my summers with family up in the hills lol. Camping,going hunting, working on the family farm.

even when i was overseas, i used to go out and play in the jungle, lol. drove my wife nuts.

few years ago my uncle and I took my wife up to show her where my mother was born, you cant drive there, you have to hike to get up to the house or what is left of it stand. Well we had just got out of the car and started to walk up when a small bear walked out,

bear looked at us,
wife looked at bear,
wife let out a scream and ran down the hill,
bear ran up the hill lol

so we go back to down to get the wife, told her to come on,,
she said no way the bear would eat her.
my uncle laughed and said dont worry its was a american bear, it does not like chinese food... (as many know, my wife is asian, but not chinese) but it took her a min before she laughed and said i am a city girl, i am not going into the woods again.

lol and she has not.

i could easy see myself 200 years ago living up in hills, coming down to see people once or twice a year,
but i now, i am stuck at computer for 12 hours a day, wishing i was out in the world some place. Seeing somethign i have never seen before

As for the night,thing, i love being awake at night,
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I am originally from Oregon. I grew up camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, cycling....basically anything that was outdoors, no matter what weather, I was there.

Now I live in Ohio. Not really in a big city, but I have finally figured out that the people here HATE outdoors. Anything that is to be done outside is to be avoided if at all possible. If there is messy weather, people hate it....especially snow.

I miss the rain and the green and the mountains and the smell of oceans and forests, but I like having a husband. I guess I am stuck for now.
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I love both. I grew up in Suburbia... and hated it. it was so bland and blah. But once I was in college, I was always taking road trips to Yosemite (grew up in Northern CA) and up and down the coast... My soul would much prefer to live in or very close to Yosemite Nat'l Park. Or near the redwoods south of where i am now.

Then I eventually moved to Chicago. I was drawn there. I don't like NYC, too big (I feel like Goldilocks sometimes), but Chicago was perfect... for about three years. I started to miss something in my life and it took me a while to figure out what. Trees. I missed the trees. So, when forces in Chicago pushing me out of my beloved apartment, I picked a new place to live: Portland. I had hoped that things in my life would change quickly, but they have not. I, sadly, had an idealized view of what it was like out here. And what my life would be like. Right now, I commute so much three days a week, I abhor my car and driving it. I've been here a year and a half, and have been out to Multnomah Falls all of two times. I haven't even SEEN Bridal Veil Falls yet. Simply because it would mean driving my car (read: SUV) on one of my precious days off where I need to unwind and NOT drive (not to mention the gas prices).

So I hope for a career change to get me going in the right direction again. I left Chicago because i missed the trees (and looking for cheaper rent). I still miss the trees. And now, I miss Chicago too.

I hear ya, I really do.
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I'm mostly a city mouse. I grew up in the suburbs, but I've lived in an urban area for all of my adult life. I love the culture, diversity, and conveniences of the city. I enjoy occasional trips to the country. I love the fresh air, scenery, smell of the forest, etc. I just get bored in the country after a while.
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