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Please Help

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Please help me and my fiancée our kitten has gone from being very bouncy to looking like an 18yr old cat.

My six month old kitten went downhill very fast a week and a half ago, the first stages were that he became very spaced out and started to go of his food (although he still eats, he used to gobble it down in seconds), we took him to the vet who noticed he was running a temp 40.2, He was immediately kept in the vets on a drip with antibiotics and for further testing.

He had every test possibly available and all came back negative. He then developed a small amount of fluid on the abdomen, which the vet told us could be FIP, he has spent the week in isolation and is still no better and his temp is constantly at 40.C, however the different tests the vet has done for FIP including Globulin and others have come back from the lab showing a 98% chance the cat does NOT have, or has EVER come into contact with FIP.

So with these results the vet (who has consulted a few others) has no idea whats wrong, apparently he is a healthy cat. So the Vet is resorting to his last hopes of carrying out exploratory surgery, which is due to take place tomorrow.

The reason I'm asking for help is as a last resort before my cat is cut open to be looked at, although the cat is drinking and eating in little bits, the poor boy is still looking so tired and washed out and his constant temperature of around the 40.C is very worrying, you can tell that he is not very well at all.

So please, please any advice or possibilities would be so much help in this time of need.

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This may not help but...

Shortly after I got Pixel, within a few days she went from being a happy go lucky, crazy bouncing around, purr bot to being a VERY sick kitty. Her temp was up, and the poor dear could not eat or drink. We took her to the vet, and the same blood tests were taken and to the same result. Neg. Everything was negative. So our vet figured it had to be some kinda viral infection so we were given some antibiotics to give her. For 3 days she laid pretty much motionless under the blankets of our bed. For 3 days I stayed with her there, soothing her and hand feeding her wet food off my finger tips. Finally on the 4th day she recovered and about a week later she was back to the crazy kitty phase again.

To this day we do not know what was wrong with her or what happened. She was isolated in our bedroom when it happened too, away from Widget and any other part of the house since we were introducing her to the home.

I'll send you some good vibes hon so your little one makes a recovery as well.

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Has the vet considered an ultrasound? While expensive, it can often locate problems without cutting the cat open. Then, instead of exploratory surgery, the surgery can be focused on the part that may need it instead.

Also, as your vet tested for other viruses and parasites? Feline Calicivirus can cause high fevers, as can parasitic agents like bartonella hensalae and toxoplasmosis:


While you are trying to figure out the cause of the fever, make sure your cat stays hydrated. If he's not drinking or eating enough on his own, you may need to ask the vet about IV fluids and assist or syringe feeding. It's important that the cat eats enough to maintain his weight--if he's not, he will need help getting adequate nutrition.
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