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Question of the day December 13th

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How much is Christmas going to cost you for presents? As for us it will probably work out about £400-£500. I have two sons who are grown up and earning, and a young teenage daughter, my wife has two teenage sons,we dont spend too much on our parents as they say we got everything so dont go mad. As for our siters brothers and their children we dont bother so much, that way if they are finding the budget tight then they wont feel guilty about not getting us anything.And its true the older you get the less you need.
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my family draws names so we will spend 40 on who ever's name we drew. that is our limit. i have my brothers name and i am still trying to figure out what to get him. he is a police officer so all he likes is guns, and i refuse to do that. Roman has my moms name so we got her a bathrobe and some pajamas. Then we will buy for bubba and not sure yet what we will spend on his. and my uncle (he is a disabled adult with the mental age of about 3) we will spend some on him as well. As for buying for each other, we are going to wait until income tax time to do that since money is tight since i dont have a job and we have bills to pay. so probably looking at about 200.
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I've never truly counted exactly what I spent, but I just did a quick count. Before shipping, and not including DH or myself, we've spent about $574. Now that's for 28 people/couples. We budget so much for each person, like so much for Aunts and Uncles, so much for Nieces and Nephews. Figures to be about $20 per person, though that's now what we did.
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So far I've spent a little over 400 USD. My husband is going to be thrilled.
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So far, we have spent about $700.00 for our 4 kids, and we aren't done yet.
Now, if you add in neices and etc, then it would be over $900.00.
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Mine was roughly...$400 with all the presents for my family, all the gifts I sent out plus shipping. I went overboard this year This is what happens when I get a bonus at Christmas time.
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I'm afraid to add everything up because i shop for England
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So far I have spent around $600. I still have to get the cats present (getting them a bed), something for my boyfriends dad and my boyfriends present. My total will be probably about $900.
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normally I spend about $80 on my parents, $60 on my Brother and about $20 on my 3 best friends. Then I help my mom bake and pack the presents for the rest of the family, but throughout the year I pick up little things for everyone in the family so I would say about 30 people 5 - 10 dollars a piece
for a grand total of $450 - 600 aproximately
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too much. first year i actually have money to spend.
( co-op student @ nuclear plant), so yea, went all out.
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I have a very small family and we do not buy for adults. I spent $62 on my daughter and will give my teenage niece money and my new baby niece probably an outfit under $20. All that will be under $100. I will buy for the animals after Christmas when stuff is on sale.
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I prefer not to say
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Over $800 dollars!:
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So far about 1,000 and I'm still not done...
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I would say about $200 in total for me. I get gifts for only 2-3 people. And I get gift baskets with fruit, nuts and candy for my brother and 2 sister's families. Other then that I generally give homemade cookies or fudge if I need a surprise gift.
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I prefer not to say
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