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Royal Canin cat food?

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I've never really been awfully impressed with the ingredients listed, but tonight I was looking at different foods on petfood direct and the RC said that it has pro and pre- biotics to help with digestion.....
I have been giving Zoe the EP Holistic solution for a while now and it really helps alot, but I wonder if a food like the RC would help even more?

I would love some opinions on the foods they have if you do or have fed it.
If I should give it a try, should it be kitten (she's 8 1/2 mos) or the sensitive stomach formula?

I have been feeding a mix of Nutro NC kitten and Wellness kitten for a while and recently added the Kirkland(Costco brand) into the mix. It seems to have really good ingredients and the price is great so it helps keep the cost down.
That is always a plus, but I would also like opinions on the Kirkland if anyone's used it....
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I can tell you from my experience the RC is wonderful - but do you mean the wet or dry? Sammy is allergic to everything, and I mean everything. We have to use Rx foods only ordered through our vet and RC makes a hypoallergenic green pea and duck which is the only thing he can eat. It does have taurine, so he won't be missing any from not eating dry food. It's very easy on him and it seems to calm the allergic reactions to everything and anything. He has normal pee and poop and is very happy. He just had a check up and the doc said his urine looked great, no need for even a blood test this time.
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Wow, that's great! I didn't know they have a canned food.....
but like I said, I'm just not real familiar with it. When I say I wasn't much impressed by the ingredients....I meant they didn't seem much different at a glance than many other foods...
On different forums that I've read, it seems like alot of people use RC, so I just started to read about it.
At this time, Zoe is just eating dry food. She went for months refusing any dry so it was canned only. Then she started turning her nose up at all canned....so it's been a guessing game. Her digestive issues have been soft, unformed, messy poos. She is regular now that she is getting the Holistic Solution though.
From what I read about the RC being so good for the digestion, I think I may give it a try....maybe add it to the mix and take one or two of the others out. Thanks for your input!
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My two Bengals were raised on RC dry, and they are VERY healthy and gorgeous animals. My two moggies do well on it also. I mix RC with Nature's Variety Raw Instinct, and so far, so good!
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We fed Kirkland's dog and cat food before we moved. The barn cats got the Kirkland as it was pretty good stuff and they were very healthy on it. Was cost effective too if you have a large number of cats to feed.

Kirkland foods are made by the Diamond company for Costco. I know a lot of labrador owners that feed Kirkland Chicken & Rice or Lamb & Rice with great results. Keno was on Kirkland; we quit our Costco membership as its too inconvinent to travel there and she's on Diamond brand dog food.

Charlie and Ling are on Royal Canin (for urinary now cause of Charlie's UTI).
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The kirkland premium is very good though the protein is a bit low at 30%

Natural choice has BOTH pre and pro biotics in it ... beet pulp , chicory root and the bacteria that I cant spell... 80000000 per lb I beleive

Wellness also has them

so if that is not working you may need to try just one simple food natural choice is the simpliest of the three your feeding
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I am so glad to hear such good things about it!
See, that's the thing....sometimes I think I may give up my Costco membership since that's about the only thing I have to drive that far for and I really hate to have her on just one food that's not so easy to get in a hurry. I have only been mixing a small amount of it in anyway (I really just bought it because I agreed to share a bag with my MIL since she was interested....it is MUCH better food than what she had her cat on before!).
I may be done with that and just give the RC a try.
Thanks so much!
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Correction the natural choice has 585 million probiotics per lb ...

I would suggest first just trying one food ... ideally one of the one she is on currently

here are quick links to all three ( not the costco ) .. I find it easier to compare and contrast this way



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