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Something's wrong with my cat

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I'm really worried about Sneakers... She was acting like she was sore last night, and today she is acting sick. She won't eat the canned food I have been trying to feed her and she acts oddly when we give her water (pawing, tipping the bowl over, licking the air.) But she's not dehydrated and she does drink some of the water.
She also just looks sick...I don't know how to describe it but her expression just looks like she feels sick.

I emailed my vet and we are bringing her in tomorrow morning. I'm very worried because she is an older cat, and I'm afraid she might have caught something from the stray kitten I rescued, even though I've been keeping them separate and the kitten tested negative for FelV and FIV...
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You are doing the right thing and following your gut. She's obviously trying to tell you something. How wonderful that you are so sensitive to catch that - many people wait beyond the behavior for actual physical evidence. I'm glad you already know about your kitten's disposition as well. Please post back as to what the diagnosis was? Hoping for nothing alarming!
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Im sorry to hear your cat is not feeling well! Im also glad that you are someone who can "talk" to their cats and understand what they are saying!! You're doing the right thing taking kitty to the vet! Let us know please!

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Sending you some good vibes... Hope nothing serious is wrong.

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The vet said said Sneakers' liver levels are abnormal but that could be from not eating well possibly. We won't know for sure until they get the rest of the lab work back... They are going to send her home with some medications and fluids and special food. They said she was really cranky (poor kitty) and so they aren't going to try to give the meds while she's at the vet because she will probably be less stressed if we do it at home. My last cat had kidney disease so I already know how to do the sub-q fluids.
Poor Sneakers!
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Anymore news on Sneakers? Here are some get-well-soon vibes
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They got some of Sneakers' lab results back. Her bilirubin was high but her liver values were normal. Her kidney values were a little high but the vet thinks that may have been caused by some dehydration. She's not eating normally but she is eating some without having to force her...they gave us a special high-calorie canned food. She really does not like getting the pills though-- the liquids she's not happy about either but the pills she REALLY hates.
Sneakers is still acting strange with her water and we are giving her 150 mL of subcutaneous fluids per day. Luckily I did not have much trouble with the sub-q fluids, I was a little nervous because I have not done those since my previous cat Sylvia passed away 3 years ago but I was able to get the needle in on the first try and not have it slip out or anything and Sneakers did not get too upset.
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there is nothing worse then a sick kitty like that! especially when you don't know what's wrong. Sneakers is a very lucky kitty that you are so caring and doing so much! BEst wishes to both of you.....
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