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Homeopathy and the Broken Kitty

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My 5 year old indoor/outdoor neutered male tabby came home this summer with a bum paw. We took him to the vet and an x-ray showed two broken bones in his paw. The regular vet was on vacation so the vet we saw gave him a local anesthetic, set the bones as best she could and us to keep the cat in a dog kennel for 6 weeks. We laughed.. Mango the Man Cat would not stand for that treatment.
So now we have a kitty who is perfectly functional most of the time. He jumps and plays and kills small furry things (like my pet gerbils.. grr) but there are times when his foot clearly hurts him. By now the bones are set, it's just a chronic kind of pain. I have a similar situation with a broken toe on my own foot.
I am wondering if anyone has any advice for non-invasive medicine or treatment to help him deal with this chronic pain. I don't want him on a long term dose of pain killers but I would like to help him on the days when he clearly hurts.
I have been reading about homeopathy and think something like arnica or hypercium could be on the right track. Anyone have experience using these remedies?
Anyone have experience giving homeopathic remedies to cats? I've shoved arnica tabs in my dogs mouth before, but something makes me think that would be less reasonable with Mango.
Thanks in advance!
Mango's Person-in-Waiting
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Yes I do .. but I wont advice you on their use ..YOU need to consult a natural or homeopathic minded vet
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I give my older kitty Cosequin for her arthritis. She's been on it for more than a year and I see a marked improvement from this time last year. You might ask your vet about that. It's not a pain reliever, but a joint supplement.

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