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course of prednisolone and weaning

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I think I might have to give Fang some pred for food allergy (mushy poo), if the symptoms don't stop. I forget how to do it, it has been so long since we had this problem. My bad, getting too lax with what he was eating, he was doing so well. I have 5 mg. pills. is it one half a pill twice a day for (?) three days? then one pill a day, then every other day. I forget what the total days were. Is it 5 days to start? I really don't want to ask the vet, because that will entail an office visit, and we really don't need one. I know what is wrong, and I have the medicine, just forget exactly how long the initial course is. anyone do this recently?
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Depends on the animal and the vet ... I have had 10 day courses and five day courses and the everlasting small dose daily till????

You mean that the vet gave you meds with out a label and wont take a call??? I have a number of meds that are running as needed RXs but I can always call and ask my vet about dosing..
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the meds are from a vet I don't use anymore, and since the new vet didn't treat the cat for this, it is unlikely she is going to give any info without the obligatory, "bring him in". I haven't been to the first vet for so long, don't want to call him either. Just want to treat if necessary. what is your ten day course? I know it starts with half a pill twice a day, and I am not sure if the total days were 15 or ten. probably ten but it seemed like forever.
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well the last pred was my yorkie but it was a 1/2 twice a day for five then once a day for five then one every other day for five... ps same as my moms dr gave her
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thanks, sharky, that is probably the standard. Now lets hope mushy poo goes away with a "no frills" diet.
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I am with you on the mushys ... gigi the dog has them tonight ..
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If you switched vets you can (and should) ask your old vet for a copy of Fang's medical records to forward to your new/future vet. All previous rx's given & doses will be in the paperwork. You can usually have a copy faxed or emailed to you same day at no cost.

Dosing for prednisone, like most other medications, depends on weight and diagnosis. Where I work, we almost always prescribe pred for cats in liquid form for more accurate dosing. (Sometimes the dose is less than 1/4 tablet) If this is IBD, you can be tapering for weeks and would need follow up with a vet. I would not guess when using steriods.
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P.S. I love your siggy!! Such beautiful faces on those kitties!
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I have 1/4 tab once daily for mine....They gave them for 10 days too....

You should make sure the medicine isn't old though, medicine turns into something different when it gets old and becomes uneffective or worse!

Good luck to ya! Let us know!
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PS... change of diet put us back to tootsie rolls!
So glad of that. Thanks for the help though. The 15 day course was what I couldn't remember.
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yeah for firmness again
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