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Need a name!

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So I just started working at an all cat hospital about a month ago and I recently brought home a new kitty from there. She was brought into the hospital back in June with her 6 kittens. All the kittens were adopted out and she has remained homless ever since. I finally decided to take her home 2 days ago and she is getting along with everyone just fine. I need a name for her though, the one that we had at the hospital was Anya, but it just doesn't seem to fit her. She is a 1 1/2 yr old tortie who has the most amazing markings-her face with her markings makes a perfect orange heart across her face. Any suggestions?
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Congrats on the new kitty! Any pictures for us to see??
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a heart on her face? call her lovebug??? or valentine???
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Valentine sounds great!! You could call her Val for short
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Maybe something like Cora (Corazon is heart in Spanish)?
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Cora is very cute-I am trying to get pictures of her but she is still a little unsure of her surroundings, so still a little shy. I will see if I can get some of her tonight and get the posted since I need to do that anyway so I can get a new signature made. Keep the suggestions coming.
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I like the Valentine idea. Also thought of "Love" or Amore Something sweet. Thanks for taking her in ... cannot wait to see the pics!
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Mariana (Brazilian Goddess of love)
Zoria (Slavic Goddess of beauty)
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I was also going to suggest the word heart in a different language. In French, heart is "coeur" which is pronounced like core. Cora (or even Coeura!) would work for that. Broken heart is "crève coeur" pronounced like creev core.

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I like Loci, instead of Lacy, I think it sounds cute!
Or what about, Frady? Grady? Sasha. Picky, Lala aka DUH
Bindy, *Peeve* *Toonsis* *Indy* *Minus* *plus* Tissy, Kitten, Mooca, and since Glitch is, I bet his names up for grabs too! Dummy (for the cat who isn't all there ) Spunky, Precious, and Gizzy

These are some names that are available!
I have weird cats names though, Right now I have my 7y/0 BooBoo, I had Glitch, Now I have Eek, n BooBoo's buddy's name was Tissy, so I may have weird taste in kitty names!
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I know I still need to get the pics, but the one thing I forgot to mention that is soo cool about her is her front right leg is solid orange while the rest of her body is more of a marbled tortie-so it kind of looks like her front leg is a wooden leg- so we were possibly thinking of something like Peg or Peggy for her wooden peg leg, but Cora is still pretty good. Hmmmmmm.........
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I think Peg sounds adorably cute, and will bring giggles to everyone who meet her as they'll know EXACTLY how she got that name!
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Or you could call her Pirate!
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How about Harmony, to match with Melody.

Or Philia, it's Greek for Love but also means Friendship, Loyalty. I think it is perfect for a cat.

Or Soul, works with Melody but also, Heart and Soul kinda thing

Or Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love
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ok, i have an idea: Peg O'My Heart! [click on the link for the lyrics!]

also, i thought of Sweetheart...

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Holy crap! I had totally forgotten about Harmony-when I first got Melody, I had a dream that I got another cat who was a calico and named her Harmony-i cannot believe the things we remember! That may have to be it since I had a dream 5 years ago about the same exact situation. This is starting to get a little creepy!!!
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That is kinda creepy, also Kinda cool! I would go with that!! It would make some story to tell!
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