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Need some input - possibly considering a second cat...

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Let me start by saying that neither my husband or myself really like the idea of getting a second cat right now. We've only had Kaylee 2 months and we don't feel any personal desire to adopt another one. We are kicking around the idea of possibly getting her a friend sometime early next year, but it would be 100% for her benefit because we wouldn't even be considering it if we didn't think it might make her happier. Things really seem pretty perfect with the one cat right now, she's 9 months old and we have a fantastic relationship with her...she sleeps curled up against me at night, follows us from room to room, and greets us at the door after work eager to play. We really just love her to pieces - it's by far the best bond I've ever had with an animal.

The thing is, I can't help but feel guilty because she's the only pet in the house, she's very active, and she's indoor-only. She's at home alone all day, but she is quite good at playing by herself, and I'm pretty sure she sleeps most of the day anyway. We're usually home evenings and weekends and give her plenty of playtime and affection, but of course sometimes we just can't be there or aren't available for play. So I keep thinking that if she had another young cat around she could play with it whenever we weren't available...and that's the only reason we'd consider getting another one.

But like I said, aside from that one benefit, we don't really want another one, plus we're terrified having another cat around would change her personality and we might never have the same bond with her that we have now. I'm sure that sounds selfish, but it breaks my heart to think about it...things are so great right now, and she doesn't seem unhappy or lonely at all....maybe just a little bored sometimes.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject!
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Lazlo was our first rescue, and we were gone long hours back then. We felt guilty, too, so we rescued another kitty to be his pal. We ended up getting involved in rescue, and as a result we have a total of six kitties now. We laugh - because while Lazlo doesn't mind his brothers and sisters, and we have quite a few pics of him snuggling with the fosters, as it turns out, it's very apparent he would have been perfectly happy as an "alone" kitty.

Since your kitty seems happy and things are great - and you two don't really want another cat, I wouldn't get one. Cat introductions can be difficult, and there is absolutely no guarantee that she will like or enjoy the other kitty. Our Spooky ends up getting along with other cats - but it takes her six months to stop being angry about it, and a year to fully accept the other cat. There are just as many stories about kitties being miserable with new introductions as there are kitties enjoying having the company.

If she were exhibiting signs of being bored or restless or unhappy in any way, that would be one thing.

But there are so many cats in need of homes, so if you're at all interested in having another kitty, I don't mean to say "no" altogether!

Also - you could consider fostering. There is a great need for it, it's having kitties temporarily - and you could judge your kitty's reaction without making an "ownership" commitment. Something to think about.

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Cats, unlike dogs, aren't pack animals. If you and your husband have absolutely NO desire for another cat then don't get one! I'm sure your kitty gets plenty of love and attention and unless she genuinely seems sad then I wouldn't worry about it. Frankie was an only cat for YEARS before I got Wickett and I think she actually prefered being an only cat. Oops!
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Thanks for the replies! I think we'll definitely hold off for now unless she starts to act unhappy or we decide we want another one. I would love to foster someday, but don't think we're ready for that just yet.
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Personally I have been one of the minority and found single kitty relationships to work out the best for me and mine, though I do have a tendency to look for the dependent, runt of the litter, little girls that bond with people more then their siblings or other cats. Maybe it is all in my head, but there has to be something said for having a perfect relationship with my Maia (as well as Pandi and Sweety, RIP) where there is no behavioral issues, complete trust, and understanding of what needs are necessary to keep it that way. I think that if you especially feel any hesitation of bringing in another kitty that you should respect that........
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