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Meet Poppy!

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Hi Everyone

As some of you may know, we lost our beloved Maddie one month ago to HCM. Bri and I were heartbroken over our loss...and his brother Riley has been so lonely. So this past weekend we drove out to Brussels to adopt a little girl from a rescue group there. I'd like you to meet Poppy!

She was trapped out of a stray colony on Oct 20, with the intent to just re-release her after she was spayed. (Which explains the clipped ear) Turns out she is a real sweetheart, and the rescue workers didn't have the heart to put her back on the street. So when I contacted them about 10 days ago as to whether they might have a cat that needed a home...well, let's just say it was meant to be! She is 4-5 months old, and still pretty scared and cautious, but she is really coming out of her shell (Thank God for the Da Bird ) and we are able to pet her now and she is a real purrbox!! She's off to the vet in a week for another checkup - I am being sooo cautious for Riley's sake as well her own - and then we'll start the slow introduction process. All I can say is, we are in love already!!
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She is beautiful!!
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Awww, Sarah, she's absolutely adorable. Look at that sweet little face. Poppy's a lucky little girl to have joined your family. Congratulations!
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Awww she's so pretty. Look at those eyes!
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Aww congratulations on your new fuzzy addition! Can see why you fell in love with her!
Can't wait to see more photos of Poppy Shes a little darling!
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awwwww what a little sweetie ....... Im sure Poppy will bring you a heart full of happiness. Congratulations!
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HI Poppy! Nice to meet you. You are a stunning little girl
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Oh, Poppy, aren't you a sweetheart!!
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What a sweet little girl... or should I say BIG girl... she looks huge for 6mo! Hope the vet visit & intros go well!
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Congratulations, Poppy looks a gorgeous girl, and well done to Da Bird.
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She's a cutie! Looks like a patch tabby and white! Very striking!
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oh my she is sooo cute!
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Poppy, you are so beautiful!!!
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Thanks everyone!!

Even the foster Mom called her a little Buddha...she sure does love to eat!
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Oh she's beautiful! Congratuations on your new girl!
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Oh my goodness Sarah!. What a sweet little face she has

She's got huge eyes and their gorgeous!.

Welcome home Poppy, your going to be so loved
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I bet she's gonna be a snuggler

I just want to that little pink nosey! I'm sure she'll make a wonderful addition to your family!
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I'm in love! Look at that face!
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Awww what a beautiful girl - she is so pretty. I hope the Vet visit and introductions go well
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Poppy, what a cutie you are!
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Oh Sarah, I wondered which one of those angels would steal your heart the most. Poppy is just darling........what an adorable face. have you introduced the two yet??
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Oh she is totally precious - and look at those big scared pupils, awww.

She'll come around in time and amaze you with her unconditional love, I just know it!

Look at that sweet little face!!!
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Poppy is adorable! Welcome home Poppy!
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Thanks, everyone!!

She really is a cutie. And although she is very scared and wary, she can be such a little sweetheart...I know once we get her to the vet and settled in (and she can meet Riley) she is really going blossom and come out of her shell. I'll try to get more pics this week!
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What a sweet little face! She's a real cutie!
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