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How much to feed

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I have 2 cats I recently adopted, both about 8 months old. How much wet and dry food should I be feeding them and at what age should I start transitioning them to adult dry food? Right now I am giving them a quarter can of wet food twice a day and then I leave out dry food for them. My guess is that I should be giving them a measured amount of dry food so they don't eat too much of it, but how much? Thanks!
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A cat is considered a kitten until it is 1 year old, so I would start the transition at around that point.

As for the amount, the bags generally give good guidelines for how much to feed. I think the amount is different depending on the type of food (calorie count, etc.)

Red is about 4 months old, and weighs about 5.5lbs. The bag says he should be eating about 1 cup a day. However, he's only eating about 1/2 cup, which worries me a bit, but he seems to be acting just fine, so I'm not that upset just yet
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Unless they were feral rescues that gorge themselves, most cats will regulate what they eat. Some become fat lazy cats - just keep an eye on your kitties and make sure they get lots of exercise.

We leave dry food out for them and they free feed. I have no idea how much food each of them eats. Our six cats go through a 4 pound bag of dry food approximately every 10 days.

We feed them wet food once a day. It's more of a supplement - or treat, really - than anything else. They get all the nutrition they need from the dry stuff. It's to encourage their moisture intake (though having plenty of fresh water around should suffice. Cats love "moving" water, so considering purchasing a drinking fountain is a good idea).

In fact, they weren't big lovers of wet food at first, so we only fed them what they would eat - which was splitting one pouch of wet food between two of them. When it's the wet stuff, we split one can three ways. Our kitties are adults - but they didn't eat much more when they were kittens - but we were feeding them the food labeled for kittens, so it was higher in protein.

At 8 months, they are still considered kittens, so they should be on a high protein kitten diet.

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Kitten food ....

and I agree with Laurie on the MOST regulate themselves...

2-4lbs per month per cat for all dry .... I used to do 50 dry 50 wet ( recommend it for a variety or reasons) ... so say ave. kitty weighs 6-8 lbs at 8 months should appr get 1/3 cup of dry and 3oz wet ....
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