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Awww! How could you say no?

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Dog For Sale : OR free to good home.
Answers to the name of Dolly.
Excellent guard dog.
Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more thieves, murderers, rapists or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat. Most of them knew him as 'holy !!'

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Either that is one tiny girl or one gigantic dog! I'd take him but he'd probably eat us out of house and home.
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Wow! That is one massive dog! He sure is handsome though
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I don't think that image is "real." It looks like the dog was enlarged and then "photoshopped" into the picture.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I don't think that image is "real." It looks like the dog was enlarged and then "photoshopped" into the picture.
My thoughts exactly!!
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
My thoughts exactly!!
Unless someone is REALLY, REALLY good at photoshopping and got the shadow line detail along his leg to be the same line as the stone wall next to it, I don't think so... not to mention her fingers peeking out from behind the other front leg...

I don't know what breed he is, but looks like he has some Mastiff in him, possibly. And if he has some English Mastiff in him, then yes, he can be pretty darn big. Males can get around 160 pounds (per a website on breeds)... and that girl is not exactly a big girl... she looks quite petite, actually.

Just my two cents...

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Male English mastiffs commonly do hit 200... I did hear of a breeder in the UK breeding 300lbs routinely....
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God Lord!! Does he come with a saddle???
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OOOOooo I want him! I couldnt imagine trying to fit him in my little nissan sentra to go to work with me every day though! But I'm pretty sure no one would be brave enough to come knocking on our big french doors ever again!
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What a beast! He is gorgeous, though. I am not much of a dog person, but if I were ever to have a dog, I would want it to be one similar to that one.
A friend thought he was buying a raggedy little pit puppy from a crackhead, and gave him 20 bucks because he felt sorry for the pup. He took him to the vet, then home and he kept growing and growing, until he just could not imagine a pit being that big. He is a gentle creature, but he is massive. Turns out it was a Presa Canario (sp), the kind of dog that chewed up that poor woman in San Francisco several years ago, and he must have been just weeks old when Dan got him. He has been raised properly and is a lovely dog, but he chewed the top off of my friend's car when he got bored.
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$20 for a Presa Canario? That seems kind of odd, maybe it was a mix? or stolen. The breed was at one point nearly extinct. A few dedicated breeders were able to bring it back and they're not common dogs. The last I read/watched anything about the breed there were only a few breeders in the US and most were very careful with their pups.

That dog reminds me of Christmas day a few years ago. DH and I had stopped at my dad's house to exchange gifts and such. Upon getting out of the car we noticed a boy walking up the street -who was very frightened of the huge dog following him. It was a huge brindle mastiff that only wanted attention. DH got the dog's attention, allowing the boy to hurry passed. DH also got a big slobbery dog kiss when the dog jumped up on him.
-Turns out the dog belonged to a new neighbor that lived a couple blocks away. He came and got his dog (who had snuck out).

There was also someone in that town that had Irish Wolfhounds. I'm sure everyone here knows they're big dogs, but until you see one up close you may not realize they're close in size to a pony.
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