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Could Use Some Special TCS Vibes Please!

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Geronimo gets neutered tomorrow. This is something that I normally don't worry about b/c it's a fairly simple procedure, but b/c of his FIP, I have to admit, I AM worried this time. The vet said that he wouldn't vaccinate Geronimo like is normally required (with the exception of the Feline Leukemia & Rabies shots), but I'm still worried that he might pick something up while he's there, that he won't be able to fight off. I'm also worried that Geronimo might give himself a heart attack or something, b/c he can't stand being locked up or behind "closed doors", and he's such a Mama's boy: he can't stand it if he can't get to me. I'm gonna ask the vet if he can give Geronimo a tranquilizer or something to help keep him calm while he's there.

I'm probably getting all paranoid over nothing, but I can't help it. If anything happened to him while he was there, I'd never be able to forgive myself. I know it needs to be done for Geronimo's sake, and also his health, but I'm afraid that by doing the "right" thing, I might inadvertantly do the "wrong" thing...

I could sure use some special TCS vibes right about now..


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We hope everything goes well with Geronimo!
Tons of For Geronimo!!
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lots of vibes for Geronimo!! He will be fine
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Sending lots of vibes for Geronimo!
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Thanks Bnwalker, Katiemae, & Katz4life - I appreciate it!

I know I'm probably worried over nothing. I've gone through this with all of my cats when it was D-day, and nothing bad ever happened. But none of my other furbabies had a "special" condition to worry about, either (with the exception of Winchester: but he lost his "manhood" before he got sick). I would just be heartsick if anything happened to Geronimo. I just love him to pieces! (even though he can be a "brat"!).

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Awww, I think its stressful anytime a cat goes to the vet

Many for Geronimo!
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Sending lots of vibes.

I am sure he will do just fine. Give him lots of hugs for me.
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coming that way.
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Thanks for the extra vibes, Crittermom, Crazyforinfo, and Troutsmom! Geronimo & I appreciate your vibes, too!

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Geronimo almost didn't lose his "manhood" on Thursday (not that he would have minded! ).

We got to the vet's office, and while I'm explaining my concerns regarding the situation, the office receptionist informs us that OUR vet isn't there to do the procedure, and that someone else would be filling in for him. I was about ready to turn around and go back home with Geronimo in tow, when the receptionist asked me if I'd like to meet the other vet first. I told her yes, and she went to get him. He seemed like a really nice guy, and a competent vet. I told him all the concerns I had for Geronimo and why I had the concerns, and he assured me that he would take special precautions and not to worry, b/c Geronimo was in good hands. He also checked Geronimo over before I left him there, to make sure that his lungs were clear (due to fluid from the FIP) and that he had a good heartbeat and all. That made me feel better. I didn't want to just leave him with anyone who wasn't familiar with Geronimo's case.. I wasn't none too happy over the fact that no one called to let me know that another vet was gonna do the procedure I just think it would have been a courteous thing to do, considering the circumstances and all. It should have been my decision to make as to who would do Geronimo's neutering: if it would have been a "major" surgery instead of a fairly simple procedure, I doubt that I would have left Geronimo there. (unless it was an emergency). But the substitute vet seemed cool enough, and I know my vet well enought to know that he wouldn't leave some quack to take his place for the day. So I went ahead and left Geronimo there.

Anyway, everything went well, and I even got to bring Geronimo home that same day - which is highly unusual; SOP is to leave your cat overnight. But the vet knew how worried I was, and let me take him home. One of my main concerns was worrying that Geronimo would give himself a heart attack or something, b/c he's so high-strung, and he just HATES being locked up or away from his Meowmy. We brought him home, and of course he immediately took off to hide under the bed - but not w/o giving me a dirty look first..

He wasn't under the bed for long though, b/c by the time he got home he was so hungry from not eating for so long that he came out looking for something to eat (he wouldn't eat his "condemned last meal" the night before - so it was well after 24 hours since he had last eaten). I wasn't supposed to feed him till the next day, but I couldn't help but doing so. The poor guy was so hungry that he was sniffing the floor for crumbs. When he couldn't find any, he jumped up onto the counter and started to tear into the bread wrapper (that told me just how hungry he really was: he never tries getting into the bread or anything!). So I broke down and gave him just a little bit of food at a time, to make sure he could handle it. I normally don't disregard the vet's advice, but my poor little guy was just soooo hungry. I figured it would be all right, b/c he wasn't the least bit groggy from the anesthesia (sp?), and he wasn't stumbling around or anything. It didn't even look like he even had anything done to him.

I apologize for the length of this post. I guess I just needed to rant a little, and get it off my chest to peeps who understand..

Anyway, everything went well, and my little (half) man is home safe & sound, with no apparent side-effects or problems.

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Glad to hear everything went well with the procedure.
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Yay! So glad it all went so well for you both
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Glad all went well!
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Thank you Tierre, Bonnie, and Cococat for your kind words & warm wishes!

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