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does anyone have cats and italian greyhounds?

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I would really like to have an italian greyhound someday. My kids are pretty young right now and although they are gentle (and great with the cats) I want to wait until they are much older before getting an ig. They are supposidly pretty fragile. I was just curious if anyone here had one? I have read that they are "catlike".
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We are breeders of IG's in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have a client who bought a puppy from us and he also has a cat. We were completely dumbstruck at how well the IG and the cat get along. They sent us photos of the two lying together on a large pillow. The IG was in fact lying on top of the cat, sprawling out on top of the cat. These folk had the cat first and then bought the IG. So oil and water can mix. I am updating our web-site but please have a look. www.italiangreyhounds.co.nr. I will put the cat IG photo in our gallery section as well. I am also a cat lover having had one growing up. We also had a staffordshire bull terrier at the same time. They got on well. Regards Bruce Vincent, Johannesburg, South Africa.
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I know a few Italians and all but one have cat friends ... all small dogs are more fragile than large ones but most breeders okay them for kids over 8
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I don't have them, but would love to own a whippet one day. Not sure of the IG's but the other two - whippet/greyhound you have to be sure they are cat-friendly as they are bred to chase small animals.

Maybe look for a IG forum and see what people are saying

Bruce - love your dogs and its kinda funny to see the pups with the short fat noses change to the long skinny ones Love Cleopatra too.
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IGs can be cat friendly. It will come down to the individual dog. I know someone who got one at 6 weeks & raised it with the cats. She re-homed him because he never ever got along with them & finally attacked one to the point it required stitches.

If you are considering and IG, yes, they are more fragile. I encourage you to consider one who has been around cats, go for an adult if you can.
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Jersey one of my OSH kittens got adopted by a family that also adopted a Chihuahua/IG mix. From what Ive heard they are now best buddies and doing great together.

IG's are very fragile and can hurt themselves just jumping from a high place. Definatly dont get one with young kids. They can get hurt so easily.
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