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My RF kitty Boo Update

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Hello again everyone!
Well I took boo in for a second round of bloodwork on Monday (first blood test showed elevated BUN and Creatin and was done about a month before.) Since the time of her initial diagnosis I have started her on a diet of Purina NF canned and dry food.
Her blood work on Monday showed levels that were essentially the same, no better, no worse, after a month on the renal diet. I know CRF is a progressive disease so does this bode well for her that she might be with me for quite awhile longer (I hope I hope I hope) given that her BUN and CR have not increased in the last month? The vet of course was very hesitant in giving me a prognosis but I cant help but think about it.
Also, she has gained two pounds on the renal diet in only a month. She is not obsese but the vet suggested limiting her food to 1/3 a can at morning and 1/3 at night with 1/4 during the day of dry. He said I can tinker with these amounts as she gains or loses weight. I tried only giving her a 1/3 of a can last night for dinner and she was VERY VERY angry. Do you think she will get used to reduced amounts of food, I feel so badly depriving her of food when I know she is sick.
Thanks everyone! and always thank you again to the posters who suggested and insisted that I immediately bring her to the vet when I noticed her increased thirst and urination!!!!
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I have a kitty who's BUN and creatinin levels are being monitored (no official diagnosis of CRF...yet, but it's probably coming in the next year or so) and I know that it's important to keep her weight under control. Of course, I've been working on getting her to lose weight for about 4 years now and we've had lots of success just decreasing her intake, controlling her portions, and not free feeding.

Your kitty will get over the reduced food intake, but it will be harder on you than on her. When she starts begging for food, redirect her attention to a toy or offer her to come sit by you for grooming or something she likes. You may also have to tell her, "I'm sorry, but there's no more for you right now" or "It's not time for you to eat yet." It's also telling you, too!! She's not starving, so it's okay to control her food intake. She'll gripe, whine, and try to manipulate you into feeling sorry for her so you'll cave and give her more food, but stand firm and don't give her more!! You can do it! You're the human and in control of the food!

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There is a "sticky" thread at the top of the Health Forum called CRF - Chronic Renal Failure...
here is a link to it.....http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=119727

You might find it helpful to read the whole thead and post about your kitty's RF issues there too.
TCS has several members who have CRF kitties that post there.

Sending calming vibes to you and Boo.
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My Cleo eats the Purina NF canned food for her renal failure also. Over the course of a couple of years, she has gone from 9.5 pounds (too skinny) to 11.5 pounds. I think she's a smidge too heavy, but my vet prefers to hedge a little on the heavier side than too skinny. Renal cats can crash so quickly and lose weight so fast! If Boo has gained a little weight on the renal food, I think that it is a good thing! Once the renal failure has gotten to the point of metabolic acidosis, there's almost nothing you can do to get them to regain the weight they've lost. I wouldn't limit her food intake so much that she loses the weight that she's gained. My personal opinion (for what it's worth) would be to continue to monitor her intake and try to maintain her weight.

Also...yes, it's very good that her renal numbers have remained stable for an entire month. So far, my Maggie has maintained stable renal numbers for over a year with her only treatment being a change to renal food. Cleo has a much stricter treatment regimen of renal foods, sub-Q fluids, phosphorus binders, and Calcitiol. Cleo was diagnosed 7 years ago this month, and Maggie had elevated renal numbers for a couple of years before her CRF diagnosis this past March. (Cleo is 7.5 years old and Maggie is 6.5 years old.) I hope that your sweet Boo is able to live a good long life, in spite of the diagnosis of renal failure. You and Boo continue to be in my prayers.
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