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New pics of Teddy Bear

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Just wanted to share a few new pics of my foster boy, Teddy Bear, so named because he's sweet and huggable. He's a big baby too. He loves to be held. Still couldn't get him to open his eyes for the pics, though.

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He is such a handsome boy!
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Aww hes so handsome! He looks like hes a snuggly huggable kitty
He looks so happy napping the day that face of his!
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He sure is a Teddy Bear

Beautiful cat!!
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Too bad his cheeks are so thin! LOL

I LOVE marmalade cats. And he is GORGEOUS!

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awwww!! he looks like he is a big teddy bear!! And he reminds me of my parrent's first cat! I loved Waldo so much!!
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he is looking fantastic!!! look at those cheeks!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
look at those cheeks!
I was going to say the same thing....
Teddy has boy cheeks.
He looks like a real cuddle bear.
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Awww I just wanna hug him! Teddy you are too cute for words.
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Those cheeks are hard to miss aren't they?

Teddy really is the sweetest thing.
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Oh look at that precious boy He has the sweetest face.
Heres to the best home ever for him
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AWWWW! I want him! He looks so sweet and cuddly. I love big red tabby boys, especially if they will cuddle. Unfortunately I am at my limit, double my limit, actually.
I love my little Scooter Pie, but he is kind of snippy for a cute little red boy. My others have been so different from him.
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OMG, he is so precious!! I just love Teddy! Eileen, I'm still saying my prayers for this sweet boy to find his forever home very soon. God only knows he deserves it.
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Forget the trip to Tenn, bring him to me. He looks sooooo much like my RB Sandy Paws.
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Awwww........ He has really got the right name, doesn't he? He looks sooooo happy. Hugs to the bear!

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What a goregous teddy bear!!! He does look very huggable!!
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