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Help!!! Weird Behavior And No Answers

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I have a cat and she is 8 years old. For the past week she has been in hideout mode. It started to scare me when my whole family hasn't seen her downstairs to eat,drink,or use the kitty litter. For a day we were forcing water down her. She would eat, but not drink or use the kitty liter. Now she eats and drinks and goes into the kitty litter if forced and the bathroom door is shut. She acts petrified when she is downstairs with her eyes wide and constantly edgy. When shes up stairs in her hiding spots she licks your hand, she plays with a string and when held purrs. I called the vet and a nurse said it sounds like a mental problem. It was no real threat since she is eating and drinking. I have 2 other cats. one for 4 years and a new one for 3 1/2 months. I don't think its the other cats bc she isnt aggressive towards either one especially the new kitten and she gives her kisses sometimes. HELP if this has happend to you or advice!

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Are you home with them during the day? It's likely, IMO, that something scared her - like something falling & making a loud noise, or a dog came up to the back door & scared her - something like that.
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I think it was irresponsible of the vet to say it sounds like a mental problem. While it may well be something happened to scare her, any change in behavior is a reason for a vet trip - especially when it's as extreme as that. The change in behavior is the only way a kitty has to let us know there's something wrong. I say, better safe than sorry.

Our kitty simply stopped being as active. Then he started turning his back to us when lying in the same room. Then he started leaving a room we entered. If we hadn't gotten him to a vet, by the time he was no longer eating, it would have been to late to save his life.

Please take any changes in behavior like this seriously. Despite the terrible advice from your vet's office (I'd consider a different vet!), I'd get kitty to a doctor. If she's fine, you have peace of mind. If there is something wrong, you may be in time to fix it.

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Good advice - I should have mentioned that as well.
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Thank you so much for your input! I called around the area vets telling them my issue and asking them what they would do for my cat. One vet sounded straight forward he stated a physical and blood test should be performed. I called my original vet and said it is not a mental problem and something is wrong and what they would do. All they could say is take the temp and I asked about a blood test and they said the vet would have to put the cat to sleep to do that. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THAT ONE!!! So Friday at 9am she is going to her new vet and hopefully we can figure something out!!!!
I'll keep you guys updated!!!
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Thanks for the update. There is something very strange about your old vet! I've never heard of a cat being put to sleep for a blood test!

When you take your kitty to the new vet, please make sure to ask them to take a fecal sample and urine sample if they can (if you can bring some poop, even better) in addition to the blood work. As long as she's there, you may as well get her completely checked out.

If it turns out it is not a medical problem, then I'd consider purchasing Feliway - spray or plug-in. It is a synthetic hormone that mimics the "friendly" marker in cats' cheeks, and often has a calming effect on them. You can also consider some Flower Essences for her. Both can be purchased here: http://www.catfaeries.com

Keep us posted!

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