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They make me lazy!

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I needed to get stuff done last night. . . I planned on getting stuff done last night, I really did! However my kitties had other plans for the night. I got home and sat down on the couch for a few minutes and before I knew it, I was covered in cats! Normally Bentley and maybe Mercury come to say hi and cuddle with mom for a little bit but last night I had all four of them! Of course they all cuddled up and took a nap. I felt so special to have all of them cuddling with me that of course I couldn't get up and interrupt their snoozing and my cuddle time! I swear they make me lazy, anyone else have this problem?
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I have an evil one on my lap now. LoL Molly is sleeping on my lap and I need to eat and clean. She is too cute to wake up.
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We know how you feel! It almost seems like cats know that you are about to do something, so they all come lay on you. Thats what our cats do! Just when we about to do something, a cat will come & lay down with us. We don't want to disturb their sleep either! So we just lay there with them
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Alex is curled up on my chest right now with his head resting against my face, as he does nearly every day in the late morning. I hate to bother him, and I sure am comfy myself, but he'll stay here literally for hours if I let him. Hmmm... cuddle with my sweet kitty or venture out into the cold Chicago wind? It's a struggle every day!
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