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How Macey & Coco do Christmas!

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I got away from the cats to wrap gifts, never thought the dogs would be naughty!

Coco: Here mom, put this bow on next!

Coco: Not on me.

Coco: What ornament?

Coco: But Mommy!!! Macey said it was a blue tennis ball!!!

Macey: What does stupid Coco get outta these things!?!? Ya can't eat 'em!

And then my two girls sitting pretty, Macey on the right, Coco on the left.

BTW - Coco's got that "dumb blonde" thing going on, Macey's the smart one. Macey likes food, too.
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Your dogs are so beautiful! The one of Coco with a bow on her head & the expression on her face is priceless! Macey & Cocos photos will make anyone smile Thank you for sharing those photos!
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They are both gorgeous!!
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Awwww, helping mommy wrap presents such good girls
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Awwww I love that pic of Coco with the bow too ..... I could kiss her all over she is so precious ........ they both are gorgeous girls
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Lovely pictures, they are both gorgeous. Love the one with the bow on Cocos head.
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they are soo pretty!! And so helpful!!
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How could you NOT expect 2 chocolate labs to be trouble?! What? You want to keep the bow on Coco and bring her with you this weekend as my x-mas present?! Oh, Natalie, I couldn't possible accept her! LOL Or could I?
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Oh my goodness!!!!! How funny!!!! Great pictures!
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What dolls... wow a lab who likes food who would have thunk
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They are so gorgeous!!!
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I hope that dog doesnt choke on that ordament!
Cute puppies!
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aww nat they are SOOO gorgeous! Ahh i LOVE their coats!
hehe those captions are good i like the one of coco wearing the bow
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