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Ok Cat Attract Litter works, but too well...

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I asked my mom to pick up some litter on her way down and she picked up Cat Attract Litter because they were out of our usual. I don't know what's in this but both of my kittens are literally playing in both litter boxes... I am happy they are getting in the boxes, however I didn't intend them to be a play area, there is litter all over now! Anyone else have issues with kitties playing in the box after using this litter or are just my kitties a little bit "touched"? Welp if I had kitties with litter issues I will definitely come back to this brand. At least the litter is currently clean right now
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I've never used that litter, but when my kittens were younger they loved to play in the litter boxes. They've grown out of it now, but they still like to curl up and go to sleep in one of the boxes on occasion.
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Oh that sounds soo cute! hehe
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It's probably more about being kittens than the litter itself. Lots of little ones think the litterbox is a sandbox

As long as they don't eat it, you'll be fine.
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Cat Attract is a special type of litter specifically designed for cats who don't use the litterbox consistently. Apparently it contains herbs which induce the cat to visit and, hopefully, use the litterbox regularly again. In other words, it's not designed like Tidy Cats or Feline Pine, for example. It certainly sounds like it works as advertised for your cats --- even though they apparently didn't have litterbox problems in the first place!
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I use Cat Attract when I have sick cats that stop using the litter box and it brings them right back to the box. It's interesting that your cats don't have litter box issues and it draws them into play! Too funny!
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I've heard it really works! Apparently we now know it works even when it doesn't need to!
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How old are the kittens. I've had kittens play in litter up to 3-4 months of age - especially if its new litter. Whenever I heard them in the pan playing I'd go in and see if they were using it or playing it. If playing in it, I'd just take them out and distract them with a ball and tell them "the litter box is NOT for playing so go play with the ball".
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they are 3 to 4 months old, but they didn't play in the other litter before. Perhaps it is just now they realized the little box can be a play toy. I am trying to redirect their play to something a bit less messy, so far so good. Strange strange kittens they are.
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