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scaredy cat

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when we first got sophie she was a little shy and nervous, but she was starting to do better after a couple weeks of mainly being locked in one room, my room. she got to the point where if someone walked in she wouldn't run off the bed and hide and was playful and even starting to give great head butts. well, my mother, who lives with me, doesn't understand animal behavior or animal psychology and didn't think that sophie needed to still be kept in one room and started opening my door after i left for work so all day she would have the run of an empty house a few days ago.
well, all the progress i made, is gone. if she sees a person she runs and hides. if she hears a person walking in her direction, she hides and won't come out until there is silence and no movement. well, after everyone goes to bed she is out playing with max and millie and having fun, but once someone would get up, to go potty or get a drink or whatever, she hides.
it was funny when we adopted her that her foster mom was there and told us how much she would miss her and how much they loved her, and at the same kept her locked in the laundry room with her littermates.
so i'm thinking that sophie is like this because she was never socialized very well with people and only with other cats, hence why she loves max and millie. is there any way to help her? when i have had to catch her for various reasons she is panicked and it is quite hard to catch her. but once you got her she loves you and purrs and nuzzles and stays with you. it doesn't make sense to me that she acts afraid of you but if you catch her, she loves you. what should i do? should i put her through the trauma of being caught and put her back in my room and start all over and put my foot down with my mother? or should i leave her be and see what she does? last night was the first night she didn't sleep in my room because i couldn't get her in there. i woke up with she came in to use the litterbox and after i put the food down and went back to bed she krept in here to eat.
sorry this is so long, i'm so worried about little sophie, she is only 3 months old and i don't want this fear to be lifelong.
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She is exhibiting all the signs of a feral rescue - and I think you're right, she wasn't really socialized well with people.

You were doing the exact right thing in keeping her confined to your room.

I'm going to post some links to an article and some threads in the ferals forum that I think you will find very helpful.


...and maybe printing out some of the information for your mom might help.

Hope this helps,

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Well, i got her back in my room and back under the bed she went. This just makes me so angry after all the progress. when i left, millie wanted in my room with her, they are best buddies, so i did. when i got back, they were both sleeping on my bed cuddled together, millie got up to be pet and welcome me home, sophie went right under the bed and hasn't come out since, unless i leave the room. i will start reading all the info. when i adopted sophie her foster mom wasn't very helpful with her history, only that she was small enough when she got her that she needed to be syringe fed for a little bit, and when we adopted her at about 11 weeks of age, she was the last one left and this was her first adoption day. Her foster mom told that the were doing work on the house so the ceiling was open and she would crawl up through it and over to the rest of the house to get to their cats to play. since she was the last one she allowed it to happen and stopped locking her up, but i think the damage was done. where the Pet Adoption league got her, i don't know. could she be acting feral just from being locked in the laundry room away from people even if she never was outside and having to fend for herself? It just drives me nuts that my 6 year old son understands to leave sophie alone and not leave my door open, why can't my 60 year old mother understand it! i was nothing but the best for my furbabies and all my animals. when i had a dog she couldn't understand why my 12 pound shih tzu thought he was dominant over her either, she thought all that pet psychology was stupid and pointless.
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She'll come around. She's got a loving mom to take care of her. Her grandma may not be so understanding - but I'm sure you'll figure out a way to take care of that.

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