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Kitten with a Stuffed up Nose

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Hi, I have a new kitten that I adopted from the pound about a week and a half ago who has a very stuffed up nose. I have had him at the vet who said he had a URI and he is currently on antibiotics which seem to have dried him up a bit as well as given him back some energy. Over the past day or two though he has gotten SO stuffed up and it seems like it is hard for him to breathe with all the nasal congestion.

Could anyone recommend to me some home remedies I could try to offer the little guy some comfort? I have seen a suggestion to use saline drops, but am not sure where to get them or how to use them. I have also seen suggestions for Benadryl, but the dose wasn't given in CCs and that is the measurement on his medicine dropper. Any tried and true remedies will be GREATLY appreciated! I just got over a stuffy nose myself so I have the greatest sympathy for the little one and want to help him in any way I can!

Thank you very much!

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I wouldn't give him any human medicines like benadryl without approval from the vet! You could use "baby ayr" They have it for adults too, its pretty much the same as the baby stuff, otherwise try "simply saline" these can be gotten at any store that has OTC medications. Just make sure they are only saline! Good Luck & Let Us Know! Im sure someone else on here will probably have a better idea than mine too....
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My vet just recommended a cold water vaporizer for our cat who is stuffed up - we haven't tried it yet so not sure how it works but it might be something to look into.
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Thank you both so much for your helpful advice...I am going to plug in the humidifier and see if that helps him out.

Now, if I may ask a question without sounding totally do you give a cat saline drops? Would it be the same as with a baby and you just drip it into his nose?


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You can use a vaporizer or humidifier if you have one. If you don't, take the kitty in the bathroom when you take a shower, shut the door, and let the kitty stay in there until the steam is gone. I also use baby Vick's. I just put a little dab on the top of the nose (out of the reach of the tongue). I've known people who've gotten the plastic Vick's tube and hung it from the kitty's neck like collar. You can also get some eucalyptus oil and put a few drops on a cotton ball or wash cloth and put it where your kitty sleeps. I usually do cotton balls and put them in a Ziploc bag with a couple of holes poked in the bag. Then I put the bag under their bedding. WARNING: Eucalyptus oil is fatal if consumed by kitties, so be sure to put the cotton balls or wash cloth out of reach of the kitty!!

If you think that your kitty isn't improving like you think he should be, then take the kitty back for a follow up appt. It could be that the meds aren't working and a different med would be more effective.

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Please do NOT give your cat ANY human drops/medications without first speaking to your vet. None of us here are vets nor are we qualified to diagnose your cat over the internet and we certainly are not qualified to give you medical advice. For your cat's safety please at least call your vet's office and discuss the cat's problem with them. They may or may not need to see the cat - but call nevertheless.

ETA: The advice re the humidifier and the shower is good advice.
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