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Shocking... a pet store was using a puppy mill!

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Sorry, I can't use orange text in the thread title.

How is it that these wealthy people with access to all sorts of information don't realize that buying a dog at a pet store is a bad idea?
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Because some people simply don't care. They want that puppy and nothing else matters.
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My first dog was from a pet store. I didn't know I should do "homework" before buying a pet. I thought I was getting a quality pet from a good store, that was what they were advertising.
I....trusted them to be doing the right thing. My fault totally and I learned from that experience.
My dog was a sweetheart, but had a genetic heart problem and died young. This was years ago and I have since learned about breeders and better yet, breed rescues.

CBS had a feature this morning on puppy mills, prompted by that article. Puppy mills and the stores that support them need to be shut down.

Oh, and having money isn't an automatic free ticket to having brains.
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Rich people live in a bubble, they don't WANT to know that stuff, they WANT to be able to plead ignorance IMO.
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My Dad always says "Money can't buy brains."
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All of our cats were from a pet shop up until we got Charlie 8 years ago. He and jazzy came from the RSPCA and Cleo was a rescue

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE looking at the kittens and puppies in the petshop windows, but i dont think it's right that they can be bred and bought so easily and live in a little square while people stare at them. More people need to buy rescued animals
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I don't think everyone knows, that pet stores get there puppy and kittens from puppy or kitty mills, I didn't know until a few years ago, when I bought my Toy pom Sophie, I was told by one pet store they got their puppies from reputable breeders, I think many people see a cute puppy in the store, and just don't consider where it may have come from.
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If this is what gets the word out about the pet store/puppy mill connection, then so be it. I know I didn't know that's where the purebred puppies and kittens come from, we got Trent from a pet store before I knew it was bad. Thankfully, he is a healthy kitty, but then again...he's not a purebred (this pet store also takes "oops" litters or used to...I haven't seen a mixed breed in a long time there).

Sad to say, no matter how many puppy mill busts there are, and no matter how many times the local news covers it because the local shelter now how 50-100+ purebred dogs up for rescue ("but the adults will need socializing..."), fact is that more people will learn about puppy mills because Paris Hilton's Tinkerbelle came from one than all of the local stories put together. So inasmuch as I'm glad Michael Vick was busted on the dogfighting so that issue was highlighted and people were enlightened that it does happen, I'm glad that pet store with the all-star clientelle was called on getting their high priced puppies from these low-lives.
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Yeah I almost fell for the pet store line of we have good breeders in ..... state ... well the truth is NO GOOD BREEDER would sell any pups to a pet store UNLESS it was one they ran ...
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It's not just dogs, it's cats, rabbits, ferrets, rats, other small rodents, name it- i refuse to 'buy' an animal from a pet store because sooo many of them use mills to obtain their animals from -they're strictly in it for the money- and do not for the most part care about the animal's future or quality of's cruel. In addition to that- many "breeders" that sell to these shops are only in it for the money- not for improving the breed standard or good as a result a lot of these animals have health/temperment issues. It's really very sad.
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I have to admit I've been to the very Pet Store that this article is all about. In fact I purchased Simba from that pet store.

When you walk into the pet store, the first thing you see are several seemly healthy happy adorable purebred puppies of various breeds. They're not really caged, at least during the hours the store is opened. They're contained but in a way that anyone can reach in and pick up a puppy. Off to the side there was a huge cage that is contained with Bengal kittens. That is where I found Simba. Straight ahead in the middle of the store was an open cage with a Sphynx kitten for sale, for $3,000. They were asking $1,500 for the Bengal kittens.

I had no idea they were selling animals from Puppy, and kitten mills. Personally, I think it's a bit different with the kittens, at least with the Bengal kittens, as I met and talked with Simba's breeder, and I learned all about Bengals from here. Also, she comes into the store to check on her Bengal kittens every other day. Now, I can only hope that she's not a backyard breeder, but now I'm not so sure. But I do know that Simba didn't come from some miserable backyard breeder in some other part of the country, and I was also required to sign an agreement of spay/neuter, no declawing, and not allowing him to go outside. I know Simba's breeder had a hands on relationship with the store and her kittens that were sold there. Still, it does make me wonder why she'd rather sell her kittens out of the pet store, rather than her home.

Anyway, I can understand why wealthy celebrities might want to buy from that pet store, and the puppies there look great, no hint that they may have come from deplorable conditions.
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
My Dad always says "Money can't buy brains."
My personal favorite is
"Stupid people don't know they're stupid"!
But money can buy everything else, designer clothes, designer handbags, designer animals & convenience.
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A lot of people do also think that they are RESCUING the pet store dogs by buying them. When in reality they are just feeding the source and allowing more puppies to be bred to replace the one bought. I have had so many people tell me this, it's crazy.
post #14 of 19 someone who has been in that Pet Store, and purchased my cat Simba from that pet store, I can tell you, that it appears to be a very proper store, with high quality, healthy animals. I don't think anyone who goes to that Pet Store thinks they are rescuing the animals. They believe they are buying high quality pedigreed animals, because the store is so nice, and the animals in that store all look so healthy and well cared for. The pets are very expenisve in that store, so I think most people who go there, think they're getting the BEST of the BEST.

I'm not condoning the store, I'm just saying, I've been there and those animals look about as far from BYB animals, as an animal can look like. The pups are beautiful, happy, and look very healthy, and the Bengals just glow. However, as I said, I did meet Simba's breeder there, and I'm not so sure she is a BYB, as she keeps a close eye on her Bengal kittens.
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I went into a pet store in PA, I don't remember which one it was (I do remember the employee uniforms made them look like park rangers), but they had lots of puppies in there. They were all sleeping/laying about, they all had runny eyes and none of them looked happy/spunky as a puppy should. There was a bloodhound puppy there who was just standing there; poor thing had no place to lay down because there were a bunch of piles of poop in his tiny glass box.
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
My Dad always says "Money can't buy brains."
Yeah, look at Britney Spears
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The article didn't seem to state that ALL the animals in the store were from puppy mills...which leads me to believe that probably some are, while others like Hope's Simba, are not.
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Actually, untill I saw the story on The Morning Show I had no idea about puppy mills. It broke my heart to see all those sweet babies in cages like that.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
well the truth is NO GOOD BREEDER would sell any pups to a pet store
I have to agree with Sharky.
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