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Question of the Day - December 12th

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Here's something sadieandziggy would like to know about ya'll:

What colour theme is your Christmas decorations?

well, I personally don't decorate, but when I did I never had a theme, it was always a hodge podge of things collected over the years
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I am not decorating this year since we are going out of town for christmas, but mine is always a mix of colors and themes, nothing particular

I like the bright colorful stuff.
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Back before Maggie the chewer came into my home, I used to decorate for Christmas. Everything was red and gold, with white lights. Christmas decorations (especially the light cords) don't stand a chance around her teeth.
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Black and White...

Or Blue and white some years.

But I like black.
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Last year was blue and silver, if I put the tree up this year I will just use the same ones from last year
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Mines usually red and silver, but i've changed it to bronze and gold this year

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Mine is sort of a hodge podge that I have collected over the years so they really don't have much of a theme.
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No specific theme for me either. I just buy what I think is pretty!!
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a collage or colours and mainly Red and Green!......check this!

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Hm, mostly red and silver... but I do have a mix of other stuff too!
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Blue, Silver & Red mostly but we have some odds/ends mixed in. Mom's is more victorian with sage & rose.
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When we used to put up a tree - it was done in gold & burgundy. Lately we've been into blue, blue reminds us of winter. I decorated our office tree in colors of blue, its pretty
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Not a color theme, but rather everything's shatterproof.

Between the dogs thinking the ornaments are tennis balls for fetching, & the cats playing with the ornaments, nothing breakable.
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I use multi colored lights..Plus bubble lights. My ornaments are all special hand made ones my grandmother made years ago.Ones the boys made back in school. Special ones from friends. These go up high then the unbreakable ones are down lower that the cats can't break..This year is the 1st year with are newish dog we got him last spring hes almost a year old..Golden retriever and the unbreakable ones can be chewed up !!!..
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The majority of my colors are red and gold. But I have a lot of colors that have been collected over the years.
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The main theme is clear glass/ gold/ white frosted, but I have a few special ornaments of other colours that make nice accents, such as a single shiny red apple that my Mum was especially fond of, a tiny kitty pillow that a close friend gave me years ago, a couple of pewter ornaments from special friends, a straw angel that my SIL made... Oh, yes, all clear tiny lights.

I don't always get around to putting up the tree, and probably won't this year because our house is a mess and I doubt we'll make sufficient inroads in that situation in time to make decorating pleasant.
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ours are kind of Red, Gold, White, Green mostly... quite rustic i'll have to take a picture
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I do a nice deep red (not quite burgundy) and gold. My ornaments on the tree are a variety of things, but most are hung with the same red and gold ribbon. I like my Christmas decorations to be a combination of family oriented and elegant decorations.
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My theme is snowmen....and my lights are white
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I used to hang up these purple stars in my room, but the novelty went after a few years. Now we just have the plain old christmassy christmas tree.
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We have had res and gold the last few years - this year there is much more gold tham red, lots of gold pine cones. Next year we are thinking of going for pale blue and silver, with lots of snowflakes. We only use white lights.
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This is the first time we could have anything outside that wouldn't get stolen.
So I bought window clings, and a pretty sign that says Merry Christmas, bells on our lamp post, a wreath that has Santa sitting on it with a sign that says "ho, ho, ho!" Not much else yet. I'm building up for the years ahead! I love Christmas!
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Blues and Silvers here! But this year i've added a little red/gold throughout the house a bit and it looks nice! Next year it will probably be a pretty decient mixture of both. I do have a rule though- if it's not a decoration or ornament that i absolutely love- i won't buy it....i want whatever i decorate my house with to have a little meaning to it/be special- so i only spend money on things i absolutely love and want to decorate with Everything pretty much has a story to it -and that makes it a little special to me
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my christmas colors are red and blue.

last year my grandma bought roman and me a small tree because we didnt have one. its one of those fiberoptic ones. well i promised her i was going to leave it up and decorate it for each season. and this is the first year i have gotten to do it. we are constantly looking for ideas for our next season tree. next month will be snowflakes and such, valentines will be hearts, march is the ever important st. patricks day, april will be easter eggs and bunnies, may and june i have no idea, july will be flags, august and sept i ahve no idea, october is halloween stuff, then back to adding more things for thansgiving!

my thanksgiving tree before the girls knocked half the pumpkins off

my christmas tree before the girls got ahold of it
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