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Is it just me?

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As soon as I try to read a crossing the bridge post, I start to sob. I tried to read one just now, I think it was Cali a year ago today, and I had to close it immediately, and started crying. I feel bad because I would like to offer comfort to those going through the pain as was done for me by so many nice people on this site, but as soon as I open those threads, it starts all over again for me.

To all of you have lost a sweet baby, you have my condolences and deepest sorrow. I really so feel your pain, and wish you the best.

Maybe this should be moved to Rainbow bridge.
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No, it is not just you.

I would think that anyone with an ounce of compassion and a heart would shed tears when reading through that forum.
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Its hard not to get teary eyed when reading crossing the bridge posts. Those posts make you realize that someday our cats will be over the rainbow bridge too. At least all animals go to a place full of happiness
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No, it's not just you. I posted a thread about this very same thing not too long ago myself:


I can't go there, either; I break down every time..

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No, its not just you Its just so hard not to sob when reading others post. The ones that really get me is the "detailed" ones or as if the owners speaking to the RB pet
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I know how you feel. I want to offer support too to those who have lost their little ones, but every time I go on something makes me think of Tab.
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Another sobber here so I rarely read bridge posts.
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