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Daily Thread Wed Dec 12!

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Good Morning!

I am just eatin from cinnamon life cereal and having a coffee...

Nothing much going on today..supposed to be going skating tonight..we'll see though.

Ummm, I am boring today..I've got nothing to tell you guys!...I am excited for my bday party which is this Friday
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Good morning,

I'm eating my oatmeal and getting ready to go to work. This morning I have to stop by the university to drop off some evaluation forms to the profs who are writing reference letters for me.

Then another boring day at work.

But good news... seems that next year, when I go back to school, I'll have a job at the university for sure. Not sure of the details, but that's at least one source of funding accounted for. I just need one or two more to be able to pay for school.
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Afternoon I've just had lunch which was a duck in hoisen sauce wrap and it was lovely.

It was really frosty this morning and so white i thought it was a covering of snow I still walked out the estate like an idiot incase i slipped
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Morning! It's a cold wet one here in Northern Ohio Got a lot of stuff to catch up on at work today, I've decided I want to get this project done by Friday My economics final is tonight I have to get a decent grade to preserve my C in this class, econ is not my subject Won't get home till a little late tonight, I'm hoping I get a burst of energy though and can do some chores or at least wrap my SS presents! I am so lazy
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Morning All!

Bright and sunny here today and yayyyyyy it's stop snowing for a bit.

Not to busy of a day for me. Off to work shortly then to the library afterwards to return some books. Not sure but may do the movie thing tonight if the mood strikes me.

Kitties are good, they are all sitting in the window watching the dog next door tear around it's yard.

Everyone have a good one
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A sunny but cold day today (it was 6F).

Cleaned out the freezer and the birds are getting alot of bits of bread and buns to peek at.

Vaccuumed out the truck and I found one of my Felco pruner's (my newer one) between the seats. Bad news is I though I lost it so I ordered another one (I'll have three now).
If I can only find my bow saw......

Have to get some cat food as I am completely out (cept for moist food)

Not much else to do today.

Having baked chicken tonite-the fish last night-YUCK must have been in the freezer a while-Ox got to eat my piece.

Have a good day!!
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I just had the craziest dream about a missile landing near my house. It was horrible.

Well it only took 4 nights & the tree is officially a mess. Someone decided to pull 5 strands of beads down. LoL I spent 15 mins trying to figure it out and gave up. I will have to restring them all tonight.

I have tons of cleaning to do and gifts to wrap. Waiting for UPS this afternoon too.

DH's friend had a baby yesterday. 8lbs 7lz baby boy. They had to deliver by c-section. Mommy and baby Andrew are doing great today.
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good morning to everyone!

Good luck in you test Katie!.......don´t get nervous........

still shoping some items of chritsmas and lot of work over my desk........

& lovely avatar your´s Nat!
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I just got home from work a few minutes ago. Our other supervisor called in about 5 minutes before her shift started so I had to work late.

I finally got my cheque in the mail that I have been waiting for since last week. I'm going to dinner, shopping and then maybe to a movie or something later.
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I havne't been on in forever!

Boring day here with nothing to do.

Job searching like mad.
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post
I haven't been on in forever!

Boring day here with nothing to do.

Job searching like mad.
I was wondering how you are doing!
What kind of job are you searching for?
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I am looking for anything that pays right now.

I did end up quitting the rescue, and have a lot of time on my hands. I've been working on the house and working on starting up a rescue sometime in the future.
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