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I don't know about anybody else's cats, but I have one, that whenever it
storms, thunder and lightning she is about to jump out of her skin! She was a feral cat, and she is very loyal to me, of course Jace and I are about the
only ones that she will let touch her! With that said,
she is scarey anyway! But Bless her Heart! I think she needs kitty valium! She is meowing and worried to death, she has followed me every step I take and right under foot, she is sitting touching my feet! I won't let her out but she prefers to just go out into the storm!!! Yep! you read that right, she goes and hides I suppose under my house! I think that is what she did when she was in the wild!
Just makes me wonder, what pray-tele must of happened to her in the wild, while a storm was going on? Whatever it was, certaintly left a huge negative impact on her! I know some animals are like that and some it doesn't bother!
Anyway! Just sharing!
PS I just looked down at my feet, and she finally give up , she's sleeping