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Our newest baby!!

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Hello all we just got home and settled in with our newest baby!! I promised pictures so here they are.

Who are you? Do you want to play??

Daddy and the new baby!

He is soo funny!! He climbed the walls of the cages at the shelter to get our attention and anytime we looked at another cat he would reach through his cage door and bop me. He knew that we were the right family for him!! He love our other two cats, although they are not to sure about him. But I don't think he has ever been around dogs because he gets so scared when he sees our two dogs. But he is young enough that he should adjust quickly. I just love him already. He thinks he is Mr Big Bad Kitty! He bowed up to all the other cats at the shelter at first then wanted them to play with him. Too Funny!! So Merry Christmas to me!! My DH is sooo sweet!!
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Awww! He's too cute! Sounds like he adopted you

What did you name him?
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looks like he is fitting in just fine.
lol after finally gettting my first ever true kitten last year,
i want another one!!!
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yes, he did pick us! But that was kind of what we were looking for!

We haven't picked a name yet. We are still trying to decide. The shelter had the name Zokee for him, but I don't think we will keep it. And, I don't think it will confuse him too much because the shelter only named him and put him out for adoption yesterday! (yes, we snatched him right up!!) We are trying to wait and see if something seems to come to mind--usually I just kind of know what an animal's name is. He isn't talking to me yet though.
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what a doll! Congratulations!
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Oh my goodness he is just too cute!!!!! I love those toes!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awwww! Michelle and Paul! He is simply wonderful! He is beautiful!!
I'm in love!! Your not going to believe this but night before last, Jace and I were on our road going home and we got past this house and we see
a black cat walking out to the road! I stopped thinking it was either Mama, or Spook. I shined my lights on the cat and I swear the cat looks just like yours, except it is a full grown! Markings are the same! and guess where he was
awhile ago when I pulled up to my front door? Well he was laying on my front steps! But when I opened the door, he ran, and now it's raining , so
hopefully I will see him tomorrow! anyway I am so jealous! naw! From the looks of the pics, Paul looks like he was the one really wanting the new baby!!! I did see that lil kitten this morning and left food, but I also saw a friend of his, and OMG! So cute they are but so wild!
You all did so good!
Hi Paul! I love your new addition to your family!!
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Thank you Monique!! I was definitely the one who wanted the new kitty--you would not believe the amounts of hinting, sweet talking, and down right begging I had to do to get him! But yes, Paul is already in love with him. We are hoping that the new kitten will be attached to Paul. He was my Christmas present but I want him to love Paul! weird huh? Although, he is currently pretty attached to me--I put our cats to bed (they have their own room) and then I let him out to check out the house--If I go to a different room he follows me and right now he has just fallen asleep in my lap!!

I can't believe that you saw a cat that looks just like mine!! do do do do.... I will take that as confirmation that we got the right one! I hope that all goes well with taming your kitty! We just need to figure out what his name is!! do you have any suggestions??

Thanks!!! and Love!!
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Ooooooh look at that gorgeous little muffin!! Awwwwww look at his little white cotton socks as well
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What a precious little boy! So cute those little white socks are sooo...DARLING.

Keep us updated with pictures would ya?

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Awwww, he is adorable!!!
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He is a little cutie! Congrats on the adoption
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Thanks to everyone for looking and commenting on our new baby! I will definitely keep the pictures coming!
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Oh wow he is too cute! Did he pick a name for himself yet?
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Ooo! Your new fuzzy kitten is soooo adorable! Love those little white booties!
Can't wait to see more of him & hear what you decided to name the little cutie
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