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I need to vent....

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Its been a LONG week. For those of you that haven't heard my area in Southwest Washington has had a horrible flood. *sigh*
Luckily, we live on a big hill and so we stayed nice and dry but many of our friends weren't so lucky.
We know six families that lost EVERYTHING to the floods. No people were hurt but they have no homes, clothing or basic supplies like soap and toothbrushes. It's so strange to see everything that you've com e to know and depend on changing so drastically in such a short amount of time.
My best friend had over three feet of water in her home. Luckily (for her) the dike that was keeping the water on her side of the river broke or else her home probably would have been gone completely.
Another friend had five feet of water in her home. They came home and their garage had completely washed away.
The people that we get our CSA(Community Supported Agriculture=Veggies) through had 10 feet of water in their home. They Lost a $10,000 garlic crop and so many perrenial herbs and berry bushes. I don't know how they'll afford to keep going. It's been SO crazy around here.
Wal-Mart, Home Depot, K-Mart several dozen other stores had several feet of water in them as well.
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My prayers and vibes going out to anyone that needs them! Why do these things always seem to happen around Christmas?
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I am in Portland and am not directly affected but I sure see and hear about it. It must be awful. Vernonia and the Hwy 30 area and the coast are all pretty hard it. Sending lots of recovery vibes to your community!
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That is soo sad My prayers and heart go out to all of the communities and people affected by this
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I will be praying for the people affected as well! It is so awful when things like this happen. (we lived near the gulf coast for a while so we get all the hurricanes--I understand)
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Two of my cousins lost everything in Katrina. Water was up to the rafters in their houses. My condolences and vibes to you and your friends.
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Thanks so much for the Vibes..We could really use them.
There's a lot of cleanup left to do but at least the freeway isn't under 10 feet of water anymore.
Our community is pretty rural and we have a lot of dairy farms. Several dairy farmers that I know lost well over 200 cows. There's a picture in the newspaper of a farmer leading a lone sheep past a row of dead ones. It's the only one that survived.
To make it more personal, they are the people that i buy my sheeps milk cheeses from...they had ther best feta! They say that they are going to rebuild though...It seems to be the general consensus. Everyone wants to try again.
It's surreal when you listen to the people on the radio talking about where to drop off dead cattle and horses.
Things like this just shouldn't happen, ya'know?
My daughter's school is having a penny drive and food/clothing/supply drive for the flood victims. She brought in a big bag of her beanie babies to give to the kids that don't have any toys. I'm so proud of her for wanting to help out.
Thanks again everyone and please keep the vibes coming.
It's going to be awhile before life is back to normal.
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