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I found the cat I want!

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I was on the web just looking at rare cat breeds. I came across a breed, called Havava Brown. It is a very beautful brown cat ,born with blue eyes,then they turn green. It all started a long time ago a black cat with the brown gene was bred with a Siamese,the black cat was fazed out,somehow,I don;t know how or when.They are a very rare cat,had to find,and they start at $600.00!I think they are very beautful,and I would like to have one as a pet,I would't even begin to breed them,I do not know enough about it!I will leave that to the one who know do that. All I did is go to ask Jeeves type in rare cat breeds,the havava was there,so I looked,glad I did.When you have time,go take a look. Sherral
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Yes these cats are stunning! They come in more shades then just the light brown (which I think is the more stricking shade).
They basically come in milk chocolate and dark chocolate!

I showed my fiance an image of one the other day, he thought it was really cute!
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A good place to get info on a breed, and find breeders is www.breedlist.com. They have links to articles and other info on the breed.
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I believe the cat you're reffering to is the Havana Brown.
And ummmm, all kittens are born with blue eyes... I wasn't sure if you knew that..
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I have heard of the Havana Brown breed before but I never realized that these cats were rare, I'm always learning something new here at TCS.
I agree that they're very beautiful cats!!!

Picture of a Havana Brown:
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yes I knew all cats were born with blue eyes.
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except for his white front toezees! (He is a siamese mix.)

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I love the tips of his toes - it looks as if he was curious and dipped his paws into paint! LOL hes so cute!
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Too cute! I LOVE the toes.

I had no idea that all cats are born with blue eyes
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This is the colour I prefer.
Though the darker shade (the one posted before) seems to be more popular.

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You might want to check out www.petfinder.com ; they have thousands of purebred cats listed nationwide that are available for adoption. I believe there are over 1200 Siamese alone listed. Just about all cat breeds are listed on there, with some more represented that others.
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I would like an Oriental Longhair. They're not the most cosmetically beautiful cats around (the opinion of non-cat owners I know) but they are SO smart and talk and talk and talk. I read an article about them in cat fanciers magazine and this one lady said her cat started on her as soon as she came in the door and wouldn't stop berating her for 15 minutes on how late she was! Ha hA. Sounds like a very neat cat to me!
These are all from the same site;
Oriental Longhair

Oriental Longhair

Oriental Shorthair
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The Havana Brown is gorgeous, I can see why you like it, especially with those green eyes. I also think the Oriental Longhair is pretty. Loved the one called Eowyn--do you think the owner is a Lord of the Rings fan?

Yesterday, I bought a book called The Ultimate Cat Book in the bargain section at Border's. It has a huge section on different breeds. My s/o liked the Mau.

We also liked the Singapura.
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The Abyssinians are kewl too!
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Very nice indeed. The Havanas are beautiful.
Love the pics of your furbabies Lucia...gorgeous
There's a lady who brings her Singapura to the shows and she's such a beautiful little thing. They are small in build and very timid. She spends most of her time buried under a cushion hiding. I've taken some pictures and emailed them to her at the last few shows...beautiful cat.
Love the markings on the Egyptian Mau.
Gotta love the Abyssinians too. They are very nice looking cats and soooo playful! Another nice one is the Somali which is like a longhair Abyssinian...very nice
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Lucia! Your cat is beautiful! And Sherral, I agree with you, I love those cats!!! My friend has a brown cat named "Hershey" and one named "Kisses" but they are not purebreeds, their color is so beautiful, though!!!
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