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cat got something in his eye

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My cats love going outside and wandering the woods and today my cat came back with a small leaf on his eye. Its suctioned to it like a contact lens. The stem was sticking out so I tried to hold him down and very carefully use tweezers to get it out but I was unsuccessful because he wouldn't stay still and I didn't want to hurt him. Its not coming out when he blinks. It somehow went behind his eye where the tear duct is and now I can't see it. Should I take him to a vet or do you think he'll be ok? The leaf was about a cm wide. He doesn't see to even notice its there.
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I would take him to the vet. I wouldn't want to fool around with something so sensitive and delicate like an eye. I would want the leaf removed before it causes an abrasion on the eye and the vet is probably best qualified to get rid of the leaf and flush out the eye if need be. I know you said it doesn't seem to bother him at the moment but that could change if he scratches at it and inadvertently makes things worse. Or if you make a mistake with the tweezers.
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No question in my mind at all - to the vet asap.
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How is the vet going to help him though if the leaf isn't visable any more because it's somewhere behind his eye? I'm not worried about it scratching his eye as much as I'm worried it might start to decay behind his eye and cause an infection. I'm just not sure how the vet will be able to help get something out from behind his eye that we can't see anymore.
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I have googled a bit about eyes as I was almost certain it is impossible for something to go behind the eye,

It seems that the way the eye is built it is impossible for something to go all the way behind the eye (I am not a doctor so I have no medical experience) its most likely underneath his eyelid or he has blinked it out with out realizing.

There are a couple of reasons you should go to the vet now:

If the leaf is there an caught under his eyelid each time your cat blinks it will scratch his eye

The leaf will need to be removed

If the leaf is no longer there the cat will more than likely need to have some kind of medicine for his eye to stop the chance of infection and maybe releave any scratchy feeling that the leaf caused.

I hope this has helped a bit
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