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The spray water bottle works every time.
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Thank you EVERYONE for your suggestions. Everything has been hugely helpful.

I have taken a lot of the advice.

I have both spray bottle and the compressed air - he will respond to one for a week or two then not care anymore and I swap back to the other - so far its working really well to save my books, lamps, and picture frames.

I have also cut down length of play times.

I haven't had to do time-outs too often. Mostly I've been doing them in the morning when he tries to wake me up at 4 am. But I've just been locking him out of my room. I'll starting putting him in the bathroom for a few minutes when he does it instead - maybe that will teach him better. And I really need to stop petting him when I do it - he's just so sweet and soft whenever I pick him up to lock him out I want to pet him - bad idea haha.

I've also started rotating his toys out so there is always something new and exciting for him. And I'm still buying him new stuff so there is something that is really new.

I'm going to start trying the food thing. I have an autofill feeder right now anyway and I think he's been stuffing himself too much - so if I hide the amount of food he's supposed to eat each day around the house then he'll have to work for it plus won't be able to over eat - so I'll try it.

And I got a bird feeder for him so he would have something to watch in the morning when I'm at school - but unfortunately I haven't gotten any birds to come eat at it so he can watch them yet. But I'm hoping they will soon.

Thanks again everyone - its helping a lot.
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